Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hawkeye Football

Hello everyone! I hope you all are enjoying your 3 day weekend as much as I am!! Time off is always welcome!!

Remember what I said yesterday about some tire problems? Well we got it fixed, but Kyle had to fix it first thing before tailgating.  DSC08331

Kyle and I both decided we wanted to be healthy while tailgating, which isn’t always easy! For breakfast I had yogurt with strawberries and…DSC08332

a ff blueberry muffin, 4 points total!DSC08333

We didn’t have a whole lot of time to tailgate since we had to deal with the tire problem…but we took full advantage of it!! My SIL, Mel, and me!DSC08334

We managed to get in a few games of bag-o, which I’m a little rough at since I haven’t played since last fall!DSC08336

Before we headed into the game I had a ham & turkey sandwich w/cheese and a few garden salsa sunchips for 7 points. IMG00019-20100904-0926

Seemed odd eating a lunch type meal at 9:30am…but I knew there wouldn’t be point friendly options at the stadium. Planning ahead is key!IMG00026-20100904-1014 IMG00027-20100904-1015 IMG00028-20100904-1016

We stopped by to see the band warm up and hit the [flusher] potties! I refuse to use porta-potties while tailgating!IMG00022-20100904-0951

We are so psyched for this fall! Hoping it’s going to be a great season!IMG00023-20100904-0951

It was fun to have Kyle’s sister & her hubby, Mel & Steve,  join us for the game. Their tickets were their bday present from us!! I don’t think they needed a gift receipt! ;)IMG00024-20100904-0952

Finally we made it to the stadium! It was a great game, we won 37-7! Can’t wait for next week…we play our state rivals, Iowa State!IMG00031-20100904-1048

When we got back to our tailgate spot I had another sandwich w/some chips for another 7 points. Eating times are always odd on game days!

We did a little shopping and decided to hit the road. We each had a 3+ hour drive home!

I snacked a bit on the drive home on some wheat thins, animals crackers for 8 points.

Unloaded and crashed when we got home!4 hours of sleep Friday night & a big day Saturday meant we were 2 tired Hawkeye fans!

Anyone else get into college football? I haven’t always been a fan, but my husband quickly converted me! Saturdays in the fall in Iowa City are my favorite!!!

Enjoy your Sunday everyone, looks like it is going to be beautiful! My mess of a house is calling my name!


spunkysuzi said...

Looks like you had a great day well besides the tire. Darci is really good at that pout :)

TJ said...

You should be SUPER proud of yourself for staying clear of the crap food at the stadium! I saw frozen snickers on the banner at one of those! LOL :)

I am not a football fan. But I can understand your dedication to the team. I am a die hard Los Angeles Laker fan so I get crazy during basketball season! lol :)

Enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend! You deserve a break! :)

Mae Flowers said...

You did an awesome job with you eating! Way to go! We have been talking about going down to Iowa City for a game one of these days- looks like so much fun!

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