Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Still Fighting!!

Hello blogger friends! Hope everyone had a terrific Tuesday!

Mine started out by NOT hitting the snooze button, but instead rolling over for a few more Z's and only getting 20 minutes in at the gym!! Yikes!! But it was a good 20 minute run, better than nothing at all right?!?!

Breakfast was wonderful! I had the usual oatmeal with a sliced banana, and chocolate PB2. Today though I'm counting it for 5 points because I had a bigger banana.

I was a little "off" today. I think this cold that is trying to come on is what did it. But I fought through and had a productive morning. My morning snack also helped, strawberries, 1/4c homemade granola, and ww strawberry yogurt for 3 points.

I had to take an early lunch because of afternoon meetings I had. I wasn't feeling super hungry, but knew I needed to eat something! So I had a cheesy broccoli baked potato for 3 points.

And then I had an orange to get in my vitamin C and also for the sweetness for desert for 1 point!

The meetings went well & made my afternoon FLY! When I got back to my office I snacked on my some yummy crunchy baby carrots for 0 points! Hooray for zero point snacks!

We ended up closing an hour early because of blowing snow & slick roads. I took advantage of the extra time and hit the gym for my 2nd workout of the day! I got in 30 minutes on the cross ramp!

After my 2nd workout a friend called and wanted to get together for supper. It worked out perfect because Kyle was working late. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera. But we went for Mexican...which is SO hard for me to be point friendly! I had chips & salsa and then ordered just 1 chicken quesedilla with a little white cheese dip. Good stuff!! I am estimating my supper to be 18 points, just to go high.

I crashed early last night...hence the late post! ;) The cold was really getting to me and made my head feel like a balloon. I'm still fighting it though...hopefully I'll win!! ;)


POINTS = 28/23
WATER = 96 oz
EXERCISE = 20 min run & 30 min cross ramp


Kelly said...

Fight that cold! Hope you're feeling better.

Way to go getting that extra workout in! I have not braved the cross ramp at the gym yet. It looks like it would be a killer cardio workout.

Mexican food and Italian food are very difficult for me. I always want the worst thing on the menu. Lots of cheese! LOL

BEE said...

keep fighting

food looks delish

and great workout

Cammy said...

Hope you're able to fight off the cold successfully!

Syl said...

yes definately any workout is better than none and on days like that getting something in quick is just what we need to keep our spirits up! Great work! hope you are feeling better soon.

Mae Flowers said...

I hope you're feeling better soon! Whatever this bug is that's going around is really annoying!

Mexican food sounds SOOO good! But you're right, it's really hard to be point friendly. I tend to eat too many chips and salsa!

WeightWatcher Mama said...

you've got to be getting close to your goal? do you have an update? that's great you are able to do 2 workouts while coming down with something! WTG!

Mrs. M said...

Woah, great workouts! Hope your Wednesday was great!

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