Monday, February 15, 2010

Believe it or not, another snow day!

Happy Monday friends! I got to sleep in once again this morning. We had a 2 hour delay that was announced last night with all the blowing snow that’s flying around and then around 8am we ended up closing. Hooray for another snow day!

I wanted to wait a few days after I was sick to give an update on my weight. I weighed in this morning and was at 163, which is a 1.5lb loss from my weight last week! I was really hoping to be 162 right now and lose 2 lbs these last 2 weeks of February to meet my March 1st goal weight of 158, so we’ll see how that goes! Just need to stay focused and on plan!

If you haven’t noticed yet, you should check out my new links to the left (i.e. progress pictures, about me, goals) and let me know what you think!

After catching up on blogs & losing track of time I decided I need to get some breakfast! I toasted 2 left over pancakes from yesterday, topped them with warm cinnamon apples & a sprinkle of granola!! I also had an orange on the side for a 4 point breakfast! Yum-o!!!DSC06048


After breakfast I got my list together and ventured out into the wind & snow! I stopped at Wal-Mart, Target, Hy-Vee, and a quick stop to see my man @ work! I didn’t get home till 3pm and was ready for some lunch! I heated up 1c of chili with a sprinkle of ff cheese and had 5 ff crackers and a few baby carrots on the side for a wonderfully warm 7 point lunch. DSC06050

DSC06051Kyle and I are headed east this weekend to Chicago! Kyle’s sister and her husband live there, so we’re going to visit! We have a few things planned…of course shopping, dinner at the Signature Room on the 95th floor of the John Hancock building, and Kyle wants to go to Game Works (he’s a kid at heart)! Does anyone have any recommendations of something fun and unique that you’ve done or always wanted to do in the Windy City?

I spent my afternoon getting ready for our trip! I pre-portioned snacks into baggies and put them & a few other snacks into 2 large containers, one for the way there and one for the way home! And my list of things to grab from the fridge is all ready to go as well!! I also got my clothes picked out & suitcase packed. I just have to throw in my things I use everyday!DSC06052 

While supper was baking I mixed up my favorite combo! In the mix was 1 1/2c strawberries, vanilla ww yogurt, and 1/4c homemade granola for 3 points. DSC06057

Supper tonight is a favorite of Kyle’s, Creamy Ham & Potato Bake. I had 1 serving and 1/2c of green beans for 4 points. DSC06058


I’m all snuggled in, waiting for Kyle to get off work, and watching the Bachelor! It’s kind of my guilty pleasure!

G’nite blog friends!

POINTS = 18/23  
WATER =  72 oz

P.S. Don’t forget to give me your good ideas for Chicago!!


ManoloMandi said...

This is really random, but make sure to check out the bathroom at the top of the John Hancock. I assume the restaurant level is the same, but I went to the bar and the view from the bathrooms is insane! Have fun.

Anonymous said...

YAHOO, you did well with your eating! Sometimes I think I should count calories (food journal) but it gets me kinda paranoid and obsessive. SO I chose not to do it.... =/

Cammy said...

I love Chicago! Unfortunately, my fave things to do there are all outdoor activities (bicycles in Grant Park, the Brookfield Zoo, walking around Oak Park, etc.), which tells you that I've never been there in February. :) Indoors? The only things I usually do are Crate & Barrel and Trader Joe's. :)

Have a lovely trip!

Mae Flowers said...

Have fun in Chicago! I can't think of anything really fun to do in the winter time I guess, besides all of the obvious places. We always enjoy the lake and Cubs games. I love the new links on your blog- great pictures!

Marisa (Loser for Life) said...

Congrats on your loss, Darci! That's great!

B & S said...

I love your website - you have great ideas for meals. One thing I'd love to see is a place with all of your recipes.

Little Miss Fatty Pants said...

the only reason I would love cold weather is if I got a snow day. But down here, we don't get them so I want it to be warm already!!

Like always, great food choices. Keep doing what you're doing and I'm sure you will hit your March goal!

Mrs. M said...

Yay 1.5 lbs! You'll get there!

I could really use a snow day-send one my way.

Cupcake Dreamer said...

You had a great loss! I would take that any day. I know you are a bit let down, but you are doing wonderful, and definitely keep me motivated.

I also love your dedication to pre-package your snacks. Such an important thing to do but many of us don't take the time. Keep up the great work Darcy!

WeightWatcher Mama said...

have you done the skydeck @ the "sears tower", the name has changed now i think. we are about 100 miles west of chicago. have been mostly in the summer too! ITA with the bathroom @ the hancock! there are a lot of fun bars downtown too! CONGRATS on another loss! keep it goin!

p.s. after i mixed the pancake mix i realized out of 2 packages of food coloring, both were out of red. (i used both up trying to make red frosting @ christmas.) i then threw in a couple dashes of red sugar sprinkles! LOL they disolved right away! worked like a charm! i didn't use a cookie cutter either. i just used a big soup spoon and shaped them as i went. some didn't look so cute, but i then made DH 2 BIG ones! i had to use 2 burger turners to flip them! LOL

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