Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Post

Like my creative title? ;) Couldn’t come up with anything at almost midnight!

I started my Sunday out with an apple and a fiber one bar on the way to church for 3 points. I knew we wouldn’t eat anything until 11am or later and I didn’t wan to be s-t-a-r-v-i-n-g and gorge on anything in sight. And it definitely helped!DSC05831DSC05832

Church was great this morning! Afterwards we had our weekly dinner with Kyle’s parents. There is a Chinese buffet in town that has breakfast until 11am and if you get there before 10:30am it’s only $5.69/person! Not bad! I loaded my first plate with FRUIT! I had pineapple, bananas, cantaloupe, oranges, and a few pieces of jello for just 5 points. DSC05833

My 2nd plate was veggie-ful with a little leg on the side! ;) I had some corn, cucumbers, broccoli, and a chicken leg (minus the skin) for 5 points. I’m estimated high: 3 for the chicken leg, 1 for corn, and 1 for the ranch. I really don’t think it was 1 point’s worth of ranch, but would rather go high, than low!DSC05834

And I finished my meal off with a little ice cream cone for 3 points. DSC05835

After brunch Kyle and I made our weekly grocery run and headed home for a nap! When I woke up I hit the kitchen and started baking! I whipped up a double batch of chocolate chip cookies! Our neighbor works for MidAmerican and has been working 16 hour days since the ice storm hit in on Wednesday. He said yesterday it doesn’t look like it will end until next Friday! Wow! So we wanted to give him and his buddies a little treat! DSC05837

And if you are a living, breathing human there is NO WAY you can resist a few bites of cookie dough while baking! So of course I had some… and a warm cookie fresh out of the oven! I’m going to count my splurge as 7 points! I think if I would have figured that out before I ate it, I wouldn’t have. But it was still good!DSC05836

After my bake-fest I hit the gym! I got in 36 minutes on the cross ramp, burning over 400 calories! (Maybe that will even out that cookie dough I ate earlier!) ;) I realized it was ten till 6 and rushed home! I didn’t want to miss the Viking game! But don’t worry I was supporting my team while working out! This is me…post work out! DSC05840For supper tonight I tried something new, bbq chicken pizza! I sautéed some green peppers and red onions in a teaspoon of olive oil. DSC05841

Then I shredded a cooked chicken breast and mixed it with a tablespoon of bbq. I used a flat out for my crust,  and 2 TBS of bbq for the sauce. Then I topped it with the chicken mixture, sautéed veggies, and 1/4c 2% shredded mozzarella for a total of 8 points. MMmmmm!!!



And the stinkin’ Vikings couldn’t pull out a win. It’s a sad day around our house. I guess we’ll be cheering for the Colts in the Super Bowl now!

Do you eat cookie dough or are you the toughest human being on earth and can resist it?!?!

POINTS = 31/24
WATER =  74 oz
EXERCISE = 36 min cross ramp


Angie P said...

your doing so the pizza idea!

Krista said...

Mmmm...ckn bbq pizza! One of my favs :)

Sounds like an awesome day and I'm loving the new look.

As much as I love cookie dough..I prefer it baked as opposed to raw!

Syl said...

wow you totally kicked that chinese resturant in the butt! WTG!

I'm not a fan of cookie dough but can't resist anything warm and sweet that comes out of the oven!

Love the new header Darci!

Little Miss Fatty Pants said...

I was sad about the game. I totally wanted it to be the colts and the vikings at the superbowl.

You do amazing at buffetts!! I would never be able to just stick to fruits and veggies at an all-you-can-eat. You're my hero!

Kelly said...

That was so sweet of yout o bake cookies for your friend!
I like cookie dough better than baked cookies. LOL It's a rare day that I would resist tasting and sampling. You know, just to make sure it was good. You don't want to deliver nasty cookies, do you?!!

Cammy said...

I cannot tell a lie: I do eat the cookie dough! In fact, I switched to using EnerG Egg Replacement so that I could eat more cookie dough without fear of keeling over from...whatever it is you get from eating tainted eggs.

Nice of you & hubby to bake the cookies!

Mae Flowers said...

I can't stay away from cookie dough- it's soooo good!

That pizza looks absolutely delicious!

Stephanie said...

Cookie dough is my #1 weakness. No kidding. That's why I never make it.
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Anonymous said...

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