Thursday, December 3, 2009

An Orange Italian

I started out my morning the best way, at the gym! I do admit though, I hit snooze for a few minutes, but Kyle was up and getting ready so I jumped out of bed and got going! I got in 35 minutes on the cross ramp and did 10 minutes of abs. Nice little sweat session.

I got ready and headed to my office to make some breakfast before the work day started. I had one of my favorite combinations, 1 small banana, chocolate PB2, and oatmeal. All for only 4 points.  Mmmmm, good!!!DSC05168 

My morning FLEW by. My director is out of the office so I feel like everyone is coming to me, which is ok, but I don’t get anything done! So finally around 11am I had my morning snack, strawberries, grape nuts, and yogurt for 3 points. DSC05169 

Not only did my  morning fly by, but the rest of the day did! I was training my staff on a new grant and it was past 2:30 and I realized I hadn’t been to lunch yet and I bet poor little Abby (my dog!) had her legs crossed! I ran to the grocery store to pick up some more strawberries ($2/pound!!). Oh and I had an apple for 1 point on the way, no picture though. Kyle called and said he was on his way home which worked out perfect. I grabbed a Lean Cuisine pizza (7 points) and went straight back to work!DSC05170 


I stuck around work till about 6 to get a few extra things done. And I knew what was waiting for me when I got home. This:

DSC05171 DSC05172

Loads and loads of laundry!!! 9 to be exact! So if you need to find me…this is where I’ll be!  And you know I’m not sure I agree with my Uppercase Living that I put on the wall?!!?!?!

DSC05177 DSC05176
In between loads I made an odd, but easy supper! Pizza for lunch, cheese sticks for supper and everything is so orange. Kyle said I’m going to turn into an orange Italian!

My supper tonight was some carrot chips, 2 clementines, ranch for dipping, cheesy bread, and cauliflower w/cheese for a total of 7 points.


POINTS = 22/24
WATER = 100oz
ACTIVITY POINTS EARNED  = 6 today/13 week
EXERCISE = 35 min cross ramp, 10 min abs


Cammy said...

You're back in action now! Way to go!

Love the laundry room quote. Must get one of those. :)

Syl said...

love the wall...great job today!

spunkysuzi said...

I've got to remember to pick some of those grape nuts up :)
Got to say i love that saying on the wall!

superbecca said...

welcome back...just wondering how did you make those cheesesticks?

Little Miss Fatty Pants said...

Welcome back!!

That bet you have going on with your sisters is awesome!!

I actually love doing laundry!! =/

Mae Flowers said...

I LOVE the wall art. I actually got a couple of them myself!

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