Thursday, December 3, 2009

I <3 New Moon!!!

Happy Thursday everyone!! Tomorrow is everyone’s favorite day!! Well, mine at least! I started out my day today just like the previous one…at the gym!  Today I did 40 minutes on the treadmill. A little over half was running and then the other part of it was walking at an incline. Boy is that a leg work out!

Breakfast was sorta a repeat of yesterday, but with regular PB2 instead of chocolate. Boy do I LOVE this 4 point breakfast. It’s super delicious and also very filling! DSC05180 

My morning snack was more like lunch today! Once again my morning flew by and I didn’t get have my morning 3 point mush until about noon! But it still hit the spot…another combo I don’t think I will ever get tired of! DSC05181 

Look at what I saw almost all day out my office window in the courtyard:

DSC05183 DSC05182

SNOW!!! I never thought I would be happy to see the stuff!! But it sure makes it feel more like the Christmas season. But I do have to say I much prefer the almost record high we had on Tuesday for December 1st….like 60 degrees almost! But hey if it’s going to be cold, then bring on the snow!

Not only did my morning fly by at work, but so did my afternoon. It was after 2:30 and I still hadn’t taken a lunch break yet. So I decided to skip it and just keep working. So I heated up a quick bowl of Progresso soup for 1 point. Sorry for the icky looking picture…it tasted much better than it looks!DSC05185 

I finished off my afternoon with one of my most favorite 0 point items…DIET SUNKIST!!!! Mmmm it’s so good!!!DSC05187 

My sister and I had a date to (finally) go see New Moon tonight. So I rushed out of my office as quick as I could and look what I found! My car covered in snow and it was still snowing…I think it looks like more than just flurries that the weather man was talking about on the news last night! DSC05188 

My sister convinced me we should try Chen Garden, a new restaurant in town. They have a sushi bar, Chinese buffet, American buffet, and Hibachi (the raw bar where they cook it in front of you)…..a person’s nightmare who is trying to eat well!!! So here are my 2 plates. The first one was filled with bananas, oranges, grapes, and a very small serving of beef & broccoli. And then my 2nd plate wasn’t as good (points wise). It had a small amount of Hong Kong Chicken (I think it tasted like teriyaki chicken), a small slice of cheese pizza, 4 chicken nuggets, and a crab rangoon.

Points value = I HAVE NO CLUE!!! Anyone have any guesses??? I know the crab rangoon was probably horrible with all that cream cheese. I think tomorrow I might take some time to figure the points, just so I know how many of my weekly allowance I used. If I get it figured out, I will post an update! UPDATE: I googled each food and estimated a total of 20 points for my supper and I think that was going high on everything because I think I had fairly small servings of each item.

DSC05189 DSC05193


I didn’t try the sushi (and probably never will…I’m not a fish person) or the Hibachi part either. There was a long line for that and we were a little short on time. But it looked pretty cool. They set your food on fire and even launch a few bites for you to catch in your mouth!! My sister was a little braver and got a plate of sushi…. 

I don’t think she was a huge fan of it! I tried to get an after face picture…but it didn’t turn out too well!! And that green stuff that looks like guacamole (I can’t remember what it’s called)…isn’t!!! It is some hot stuff and she put way too much on one of her bites… “Hot, hot, Darci this is too HOT!” I think those were her words!!! lol

Then after our dinner we made a quick lap around the mall, which got interrupted by a few shopping stops! And then headed to the theater to see New Moon. And OMG….did I love this movie!!! Wow…what did you guys think??? I think it was much better than the 1st and I am SO excited that the next one is coming out in June!! And boy, oh boy is Jacob FFFFIINNNEEEE!!! ;) But I think I am still “Team Edward”!!

I hurried home to Kyle afterwards and just wanted to talk about the movie SO bad, but didn’t want to spoil it for him. He will probably watch it with me when it comes out on DVD. I got a few more loads of laundry done from my huge piles yesterday…I think I only have 2 more to go!!

My day just kept getting better and better…I found out that one of my good friends (who moved to KC this summer) is coming to visit next week. I haven’t seen her since September and I’m TOTALLY excited for her to be here!!! Oh and the scale was down this morning too…it said 171…so down 2 pounds and 12 more to go for the “sister challenge”!!!

Well my favorites, I need to get going. It’s already WAY past Darci’s bed time and I need to get this girl to the gym in the morning!! G’nite all!!

POINTS = 28/24
WEEKLY ALLOWANCE POINTS = 31 remaining/35 
WATER = 75 oz
ACTIVITY POINTS EARNED  = 6 today/19 week
EXERCISE = 40 min run/walk @ incline


Mae Flowers said...

Great job on losing the 2 lbs and your workouts! I think you did just fine with your eating out. Small portions of everything. I LOVE sushi!

Kelly said...

You got snow too! Cool!

That hot green stuff is wasabi and will take your breath away. It can make it burn through your sinus cavity. Ya know, there is non-fish sushi too. Veggie sushi.Stuff like that. It's good!

I'm team Edward too. Even though he was born the year my hubby graduated from high school. God, I feel old. haha I STILL haven't seen New Moon though! I think we'll go Sunday morning.

Livin it up, Jones Style! said...

Great job on the 2 lbs....
P.S. check your progresso even though the front of the can says 1 point alot of the cans are 2 servings and makes them more then 1Just a tip! Glad to be back blogging I have missed reading yours!

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