Thursday, July 9, 2009

CamelBak…well kinda!

Since we are training in the dead of summer and getting into longer runs we decided to needed to have some hydration mid-run! I did some research and decided to get a CamelBak. We headed to Dunhams and didn’t have much luck finding what we wanted, but they did have an “off” brand, but the same type of thing! And it was much less $$ than what CamelBak’s are. So we went with it!

It’s a nice little back pack that straps across your chest and holds 2L of water and has a “straw” type thing that clips in on your shoulder for easy access while running!  What a great invention!!DSC03717  DSC03719  DSC03721

Plus check out our family blog to see our anniversary post!! :)


princessvalecia said...

congrats ms. Lifetimer!

Little Miss Fatty Pants said...

that's gotta be the coolest invention ever!

Angie P said...

I sure miss you...I think about you and wonder "where are you" EVERYDAY when I make my morning mush-lol!

Hope you check-in soon!

Ali said...

Hi- Just stumbled upon your blog and noticed you haven't posted in a month?! I re-read a lot of your posts and love it! (I know, creepy..)
Anyhow- come back and keep doing it! You were so good at it!!

Mama Bear June said...

Hope you are both OK and that the reason you haven't been blogging is that you are having too wonderful of a time doing something fun.
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