Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Day 182 (Tuesday 5/5)

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!! Using some of those Spanish skills I learned in high school!!! :) I didn’t eat any Mexican food today…maybe I'll have some tomorrow! Thinking….50 cent tacos!! :)

I didn’t have time for breakfast and around 10am I had my regular morning snack for breakfast, consisting of strawberries, yogurt, and grape nuts for 3 points. DSC02460 

Before I went to lunch I grabbed some petite baby carrots for 0 points. Have I said how much I love these little guys?!?!DSC02461 

I couldn’t figure out what I wanted for lunch and decided on a smoothie that I could take back to work and sip on throughout the afternoon. My smoothie today consisted of 1/2c skim milk, 1/2 banana, strawberries, ice, and yogurt for 4 points.DSC02462

I worked a little late tonight so I almost missed WW…but don’t worry I still went! I was so nervous about gaining, but I STS and I am COMPLETELY ok with that! I thought for sure that 10 point sugary piece of pie would throw me over!! I really hope to buckle down and FINALLY lose next week.

I was e-mailing my sister today and we are going to the gym together in the AM. I think it helps that I know I have to meet someone there! I need to get back in a better routine. Running with DH has been good, but I don’t think it’s pushing me enough and I not getting enough minutes of workout time in either. So hopefully getting back to the gym reeves up my weight loss again, I really want to get to goal for ww so I can go for free!!

They were passing out free samples again so I snacked on this on the way home. I’m not too much of a chocolate mint fan, but this was pretty good for just 1 point.

Note to self: need to get my nails filled!!


After WW I headed to my sister’s house to borrow some serving dishes and table cloths for my SIL’s bridal shower I am hosting this weekend. It’s always good to catch up with my sis and her hubby. I am really looking forward to working out with them in the AM!! While there I had a PB fiber one bar for 3 points. DSC02467

I  stayed at my sister’s longer than planned, but that was ok! I <3 my sis!! :) Got home and DH was just getting home. Our house is a MESS!! Thank goodness DH is a good hubby, he cleaned up the kitchen for me!! It wasn’t pretty after that pie I whipped up last night! :) And what do I do while he is cleaning…eat another piece of pie….dang there goes 10 points! I am happy to report though I shared the rest of it with our neighbor where we got the rhubarb! He was happy to get some pie and I was happy to get the temptation out of my house!!

DH was a naughty boy and brought me home a small chocolate frosty!! I also <3 frostys!!! :) For a small one it’s 4 points. Mmmm!! Well now you know…that is how my hubby earns a living…flipping burgers at Wendys!! He hates it when I say that…technically he is the store operator…or something like that!! We would love to get into ownership someday! I am very thankful for his job and all he does to support me. Sorry for that detour… Oh yeah, back to my yummy frosty…guess what I added to it….a BANANA!!! For just 1 point ‘cause it was a pretty small one!!DSC02469

Can you believe the BL??? I missed the first hour because I was at my sister’s house, but I caught the 2nd hour. It makes me want to go run after seeing Tara finish the marathon! I know a lot of people don’t like her, but sure hope she wins, she has worked so hard and has the highest percentage of weight loss of the remaining ones. So who do you want to win? Who do America will vote for? Michael or Ron? I am guessing they will vote to send Ron to the finals since that is what America did last time with Hebba and Ed. Can’t wait for the finale next week!!

I’m off to get my gym bag and eats ready for tomorrow.  G’night bloggies!!


POINTS = 26/23

WEEKLY ALLOWANCE POINTS =35 used…had to use 2 of AP’s

WATER = 72 oz

EXERCISE = day off


Sarah said...

Crap why did I read your blog?! I am just watching BL on tivo right now. Oh well..Tough call for American but I do love Mikey, he has rocked it! I also love Tara though ;)

And mmm that frosty looks good! I will keep those 4pts in mind next time I am near a Wendy's.

Oh and do you have a Fareway? I believe they have bags of those carrots on sale this week for .71 :)

superbecca said...

I think I'll vote for Mike...he's worked SO hard. I still want Tara to win though

Emmett said...

I would like Tara to win.

Mae Flowers said...

I love frostys too! I haven't had one since I can remember. I might have to stop at Wendy's. I personally don't like Tara. It's amazing how far she has come, but I just don't like her attitude. I'm rooting for Mike!

Kelly said...

OMG, I so love Wendy's! The spicy crispy chicken sandwich. They should really bring back the chicken cordon bleu (or however you spell it). No, it's best that they don't. I'd go get one.....every day. My daughter dips fries in her frosty. haha perfect combo of sweet and salty.

I really want Tara to win. I like her. She's a little obsessive compulsive but I have a friend who is so much like her it's strange. Even the same facial expressions. She is so inspiring and she has worked her butt off. Mike has worked hard too. I'm not a big Helen fan and def not a Ron fan.

If playing the game, I'd vote to send Ron to finals to give Tara a better chance at the win. Mike will give her a run for her money. If I vote based on emotion I'd send Ron packing. So I don't know just yet.

A Daunting Tale of Scale Warfare said...

I love Tara too, probably because she's a bit like me in the obnoxious overly analytical way ha!

I havent watched TBL yet, its on my DVR, but I cant wait to get home and check it out :)

I have no idea how you stay on plan with a hubby who operates a Wendys! I'm not a huge fan of fast food, but if I were to pick a favorite, it'd be Wendys!!!

PS-You are one of the reasons that I ordered the PB2!!! I cant wait for the chocolate one to get here to check it out. YUM about the banana PB2 wrap!!

Dancing Sweet Pea said...

Mmmmmm....I <3 Frosty's too!!!!!!!
Love your blog Darci!!!!! :)

Becca said...

Meals looked good! Yay for not gaining, that is most important! That frosty looks delish. I didn't get to watch the episode last night but I am hoping that Tara wins too!

Cammy said...

Hubby may just be on a really secure career path. I know someone who started out in high school on the 'flipping line' and moved into store management, then into retail management, and is now a regional manager. Not bad at all.

Looks like you're having a fine week. Good plan to set a date to meet at the gym.

forcoffeelovers said...

Your morning snack reminds me of fruit crumbles. Delish

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