Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Day 181 (Monday 5/4)

First off, sorry I didn’t get this posted last night!! We had a busy one!! :) I hope everyone had a great Monday!

I started out my Monday with honey nut cheerios, a small sliced banana, and 1/2 c almond breeze for 4 points. I think this is one of my favorite breakfasts’!


Work has just been SO crazy lately!! But it sure does make the days go fast. Before I knew it, it was noon and I hadn’t had my morning snack. So I quickly mixed up my favorite combo of strawberries, yogurt, and grape nuts for 3 points.


I started out my lunch on the car ride home with a bag of petite baby carrots for 0 points…this is my FAVORITE form of carrots!!DSC02456 They’re just so skinny and crunchy!! :) Then, once home, I made a hot ham & cheese wrap with a side of 1/2c corn for a 3 point lunch

I didn’t go to lunch until about 1:45 so getting back to the office at almost 3 is great!! Really makes the afternoon go fast!! :) I snacked on a fiber one bar before heading home for 2 points. DSC02458

Once home DH and I had to talk ourselves into going for a run. I had a splitting headache for some reason, but we did it. Not for long though. Pounding the pavement and a pounding head are NOT a good combo. So we cut it short around mile 2, wasn’t quite a 20 minute walk/run. Before we headed out the door I snacked on a bag of smart food popcorn for 2 points.

When we got back home our neighbor was out so we went over and chatted with him…which ended up being a REALLY long chat. We didn’t get back in the house till almost 9!!! Those guys can sure get to talking! But it’s ok, we like our neighbor!! :)

I picked some of his rhubarb and when I got in the house I got the itch to make the strawberry rhubarb pie I had been thinking about!! So that is just what I did! And of course I had to sample it too!! I put the ingredients into recipe builder on ww’s website and it came out to 8 points for an 1/8 of it! Wow!! It didn’t quite turn out right. It called for 2 cups of sugar and that made it WAY too runny. I think I might try it again and cut that in half.

Maybe I’ll try to lighten it up a bit…any suggestions?DSC02459

Rewind a tad, forgot about all the stuff I ate while the pie was baking!! I had a bowl of honey nut cheerios and a sliced banana for 7 points. And DH and I each had the rest of that chocolate ice cream that was calling our name in the freezer, I had 1 c of it with another sliced banana for 7 points. If you haven’t noticed, I think I am really starting to like adding bananas to EVERYTHING!

Oh and I forgot about the banana (1 point…it was small!) that I ate on the way to the grocery store to pick up a ready made pie crust…yes I used a ready-made one…didn’t want to undertake pie crust at 9pm!!!

It’s Tuesday now and I’m SO nervous about WI 2nite after eating a sugar filled slice of pie and ice cream last night!! Wow-zer…but hey can’t do anything about it now and I can’t let it get to me. I’ll work it off this week!! :)

Later bloggies…gotta get back to work!! ;)


POINTS = 37/23

WEEKLY ALLOWANCE = 34 used/1 remaining

WATER = 96 oz

EXERCISE = 20 min run/walk


Kelly said...

Meh, I bet you do fine on your WI.

I am making that hot ham and cheese wrap! Need to go by the store and get some ham now. Oh that sounds good....little swiss and some dijon. OH wow. Tummy is growling.

Sarah said...

That wrap looks good, may need to try one of those soon! Also we have a bunch of rhubarb in our backyard but I have NEVER done anything with it, maybe I should start?! LOL

Oh and good luck on your WI!

Kelly said...

OK, having the ham and cheese wrap right now. Like right this minute. If the hummus wrap is a crack wrap this one is a heroine wrap. OMG, my new favorite. I put some dijonaise in there, 98% FF ham, and swiss. It's so good I think I might cry. Really. This is a winner. 3 pts for the whole thing!

Mae Flowers said...

The pie looks delicious! We recently got some rhubarb too. We make these Rhubarb sauce which isn't too bad calorie wise and it's so delicious.

Becca said...

Good luck at your weigh-in! You will do great!! That ham/cheese wrap looks delish.

I moved my blog, so it is here now: http://simplyfit.typepad.com/simply-fit/

Have a great day Darci!!!

Dancing Sweet Pea said...

Your food looks delicious! Hope you have an extra room cause I'm coming to visit! ;)
For some reason since you've put your new header on (which I love btw) it cuts off your words on the very right hand side! :(

thresholdofgreatness said...

I love honey nut cheerios! I haven't had them in so long!

Good luck with your WI! :-)

Connie B said...

Yum, the wrap looks great! Don't ya just love Fiber One?

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