Sunday, March 29, 2009

Days 143-144 (Friday 3/27 & Saturday 3/28)

Happy Weekend everyone!

And thank you so much for all your sweet comments on my Florida post. I had a great time and I think by looking at the pictures of myself the picture I have of myself in my “mindseye” is starting to change. I don’t see that 200lb person anymore and it really feels good. I don’t think I felt like that until after seeing the pictures, seeing my sisters’ reaction to the changes, and all your wonderful comments! So thank you!

I have bad news to report…..Friday & Saturday were NOT OP days for me. I started out good with my favorite breakfast of oatmeal w/blueberries and an english muffin w/cream cheese for 4 points. DSC02192

Mid morning my stomach was really starting to bother me. I grabbed a peanut butter fiber one bar and ww chocolate cake for 4 points. DSC02193 Those foods didn’t really settle the uncomfortable feeling I was having. So I went home and had my favorite “comfort food”. Cereal! I had some honey nut cheerios for 6 points. (again no picture…i’ve got to get back to my routine!)

I got back to work and seemed to be feeling better and the afternoon flew! On my lunch break I had also packed my gym bag because a friend/co-worker told me she joined the “Y” location that we have on campus and wanted to light together after work! I couldn’t pass us a workout buddy! So I hit the gym after work for an hour of weight lifting and abs. Felt awesome!

Got home and I was HUNGRY!! Shouldn’t have been though for all the food I ate earlier in the day! So I had a string cheese and Quaker oats mini delights for 3 points while I made supper: whole wheat pasta w/marainara sauce for 5 points. DSC02195

My desert Friday night was an all time favorite, 1/4 c grape nuts, 1 c strawberries, and lite strawberry yogurt for 4 points. A friend pointed out that our local grocery store has off brand lite yogurt that is only 1 point for almost 20 cents cheaper than the ww yogurt. So I tried it out and it was pretty good. But I think it was a lot thicker…it didn’t soften my grape nuts like the ww yogurt does. It was still good though!


DH is loving “march madness” right now! So he watched basketball while I lounged on the couch and eventually went to the bedroom and feel asleep before 9pm watching a chick flick re-run on tv! I think I am still catching up from my trip.


POINTS = 26/23

WATER = 72 oz

EXERCISE = 60 min weight lifting


I woke up early Saturday morning and did a little cleaning before heading off to the gym. I started out on the treadmill hoping to get in a 5K, but that changed…for some reason I had absolutely NO energy and my side hurt so bad so I ended up only running 14 minutes. After that I walked for 19 minutes at an incline while reading my latest book “Marley & Me”. Then I hopped on the cross ramp for 20 minutes, and finished off with 10 minutes of abs. Overall it ended up being a great workout even though it didn’t start out too well.

Then I headed over to Target. I saw in the ad that they had their running tanks on sale and wanted to check them out. I tried on a few different kinds and didn’t get any. I didn’t think I liked them much. And didn’t want to spend $15 on something that I wouldn’t end up wearing. They were SUPER tight and I would think that they would ride up while you’re running. I might end up trying one this summer…but we’ll see. I ended up just getting a new sports bra (also on sale!) and a new gorilla pod for my camera.

I headed home and my mom called and said she was in town and wanted to stop over for a chat. So she did. Her husband had some errands to run and she isn’t much of a shopper (unlike my sister’s and I!). I made my “brunch” while we talked. I guess I could almost call it my “afternoon snack” because it was almost 1:30! I made a blueberry waffle w/sf syrup and an orange for 5 points. DSC02196

I had a wedding to go to in the evening so my mom stayed and chatted with me while I got ready. It was good to see her. She got back from a 2 month “snow bird” trip to South Padre Island, TX while I was in Florida. Good to catch up!

DH had to work so I met my sister and her hubby for the wedding. I wasn’t very “good”. I had two slices of pork loin w/bbq sauce, au gratin potatoes, dinner roll w/butter, baked beans, macaroni salad, 2 bud lights, 1 pc of wedding cake, peanuts, and a little candy (they had a candy bar with all their favorites!). No clue on the points! I just know that I ate too much!

DH called me around 7pm and said some friends of ours wanted to meet up a newly re-modeled restaurant/bar in town. So I headed out from the reception, but not before I got in a few dances! Both my sister and I LOVE to dance! She isn’t feeling well and left about the same time I did…if she hadn’t it would have been hard to leave!

I picked up DH and headed back downtown and was pleasantly surprised by the new look of the place. It was a favorite of ours before and I think we will frequent it now! I ended up having 3 bud lights, onion rings w/ranch, and spinach dip with french bread! Wow….Darci you need to slow down girl!!!

Oh no that isn’t what I did. After we left there I ate a hankering for some ice cream. So we snuck into DQ for an ice cream cone before they closed. So once again I have no clue on the points. I just know it was WAY too much. So today (Sunday) I hope to stay on track!


POINTS = through the roof/23

WATER = 48 oz (not near enough!)

EXERCISE = 14 min run, 19 min walk @ incline, 20 min cross ramp, & 10 min abs (exercise was about the only thing I was good about the past two days!)

I hope everyone is having a GREAT weekend so far! I am off to unpack my suitcase (yes I know I’m behind!).

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simplyfabulousnow said...

You have done so well recently that a bit of indulgences here and there won't hurt you one bit!!

Enjoy your Sunday!

Sharon said...

Love your eats, you're doing great! I really need to get some waffles.

Kelly said...

Girl, after how well you behaved on your vacation I wouldn't worry about a couple of "slip ups." You probably won't even notice anything when it comes to weigh in time. You're still doing great! :)

Cammy said...

On the bright side, you did get in some good exercise! (I have trouble with evening workouts followed by morning workouts. It doesn't matter if one is cardio and one is strength; that's too close together for me. Maybe that's why you had no energy on Sat. a.m.?)

Wishing you a great week ahead!

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