Monday, March 30, 2009

Day 145

What a nice relaxing/productive Sunday I had!

I slept in a bit (felt so good!). And then did a bit of organizing in my closet and took another pile of clothes that are too big out. My closet is getting emptier and emptier! But I do have a few new things to add to it that I purchased while in Florida!

DH and I picked up some groceries. We hadn’t done so since before I left for Florida so we were in much need of food! And boy did we stock up on produce!! It always feels so good to have the fridge stocked full of fresh veggies and fruits all peeled & sliced ready to go!

After cutting everything up I had to have a big plate of fruit! It consisted of 1 kiwi, 1 c cantaloupe, 1/2c cottage cheese, and an orange for 5 points. So yummy!!! DH had to go get some fruit after seeing my plate! DSC02197 

I snacked on this while catching up blogs and getting my caught up! I just have to say that I love reading all of your blogs, you all have been a significant part of contributing to my success! All the ideas, inspiration, recipes, etc!! So I guess I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!

I got so much this afternoon…finished putting away my clothes from the Florida trip, washed the bedding, did 3 loads of other laundry, balanced the checkbook, paid bills, cleaned the kitchen, took out the trash & recycle, cut DH’s hair, and cleaned the bathroom!

After all that worked I needed an afternoon snack! So I made a chocolate pb2 and banana wrap for 4 points. These are SO good…more like desert than a healthy snack!DSC02198


DH said that he needed to make cookies for his employees so together we quickly whipped up a batch of the classic favorite chocolate chip cookies. I couldn’t keep my tongue from a sample though….I think I ate about two-three spoonfuls of cookie dough and two warm cookies……points = NO IDEA!!! I am guessing 4 points per cookie so….maybe like 12-16 points!! Ouch!

We had a late supper. I would much rather prefer eating before 7pm…but all those household chores kinda took over and I didn’t realize what time it was! We didn’t eat supper until 8:30pm!! It was quick and yummy….I had a chicken salad sandwich with cheese and cauliflower and broccoli with cheese for 7 points.DSC02199


POINTS = 32+

WATER = 72 oz

EXERCISE = none….unless I can count my housework!

Well blogger friends… is now Monday morning I need to get going to the gym to burn off all those cookies I ate last night! I don’t want to have a gain this week! I don’t understand why I can do so well on vacation and then I get home and it all goes to pot! Uuuuurrrrrrgggghhhh!!! Sorry for that rant….I’m done!


Kelly said...

Cookie dough isn't even allowed to get around me. I can't resist. :) I prefer the dough to the cookies!

I noticed in your pictures that you are 160 and your goal weight is 157. So you are only 3 pounds away?! That's terrific!!

You're doing so good. I'm really impressed.

Sharon said...

Oh wow, love the fruits!!!

Kari said...

Don't be too hard on yourself. You are doing great. Unless your eating a crap load of crap and not taking pictures of it I'd say that you are doing just fine.
I too did a bunch of spring cleaning and it felt so good to wake up in my home today and not see a mess!
Now I need some fruit. lol.
Have a great week!!!!!!!!!!

toobigfornow said...

You are doing great!
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Thank You.

Laura said...

All that fruit looks so yummy!

I would lose all control around cookie dough too. :-)

Mama Bear June said...

Your meals looked good, though. And I think with all of the chores you did, you probably earned some activity points. :-D

Hmmm, I think I need some FRUIT! That looks too, too yummy.
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