Saturday, February 21, 2009

Day 110 (Saturday 2/21)

Weekend, glorious're finally here! DH didn't have to go to work at his usual 6am time, so it was nice to wake up after the sunrise today! I got up and did a few things around the house and took the pup to the groomer...she was all fur!! My plan was to get my massage afterwards (I had an 8:30am appt), but I got a call on the way that the massage therapist wasn't able to make it in today so I had to re-schedule. I was a little bummed, but no worries...I'll get one next week!

After I dropped the pup off I headed to the gym for a nice long workout. When I got there I realized I forgot my shoes at home. Luckily I had worn my casual Puma tennis shoes and so I just decided I wasn't going to let that stop me and worked out in the Puma's! They were ok, the balls of my feet were hurting after about 45 minutes, but I made it! I got in 60 minutes on the cross ramp and did a 10 minute cool down on the bike. I love the "laid-back-ness" of Saturday's!

I got home and wasn't too hungry and so I got to work on some wedding invitations I am working on for my sister's friend who is getting married in May. I hope to have them complete before next Saturday! Lots of work to do!!

Picked up the pup around noon and boy does she look different! I'll try to post some pics of her tomorrow! She is just the cutest lil puppy ever...of course I'm biased!! When I got home I decided I was was already almost 1pm! Not good...I know! So I made a taco with the leftover taco meat from last night for 7 points. And also had a few chocolate chips (not pictured) to satisfy my "sweet" craving for 4 points!

Mid afternoon I had a peanut butter fiber one bar for 3 points...yes you read that right, I caved and "spent" the extra point! We only had those and chocolate ones and DH loves the chocolate ones so I figured I'd leave those for him!

The pup and I decided we were tired and took an afternoon siesta...almost 2 hours! I always feel sluggish when I wake up from weekend naps....but I love em just the same!

DH & I planned to meet my Dad for supper tonight and he ended up showing up early to our house. So it was good to catch up with him before DH got home. I even showed him by blog...he was quite impressed and was very interested! He is almost half way to losing 50 lbs...he said he hopes to pass the 25 lb mark this week at his wi! Good luck Dad...I know you can do it!! I am so proud of the changes he has made and tonight his comment was that he feels like a million bucks! Makes me happy too!

Once DH got home we headed to our favorite neighborhood bar & grill....Applebees! And of course I had the garlic herb chicken for 7 points! It's my fav there! We sat and chatted with my Dad for over 2 hours!!

DH got a call from work so we had to stop at the store to take care of a few things (and I had to get a junior frosty to top off my meal for 4 points!) and then headed home. Little did I know I would be spending the rest of the night solo. He had to go in and cover for someone. :( My hubby works so hard...he makes me proud for what he does!! Such a good guy!

WATER = 84 oz
EXERCISE = 60 min cross ramp & 10 min bike
Well bloggies my eyes are starting to get heavy...I don't see myself waiting up till past midnight to wait for DH to get home...I think I might hit the hay!



Sharon said...

Oh wow, love your eats. I want to try that bar!

Cammy said...

What a great day! Hope today was more of the same!

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