Thursday, February 12, 2009

Day 100 (Wednesday 2/12)

BREAKFAST: Oatmeal & an Apple. 3 points
LUNCH: Subway Ham & Turkey Sub and a Diet Coke. 5 points
AFTERNOON SNACK: Chocolately Drizzle Mini Delights. 2 points
They were a free sample I ordered a while ago online and was in my mailbox today just waiting for me! They were really good. I think I might start getting these for a nice little sweet snack!

SUPPER: 2 Soft Shell Tacos, 2 Frozen Strawberry Margaritas, and 1 Bud Light. 18 points

Question - I found on the ww website that a margarita is 5 points..those of you on the ww you think this sounds right? Just curious!

WATER = 82 oz
EXERCISE = 20 min weights & 20 min run/walk

Day 100...hard to believe! Nov 4th doesn't seem that long ago! I really didn't do anything specific Wednesday for my 100th day, I had better intentions...maybe I shoot for the next milestone!

I went out for lunch with my friend/co-worker Kim. She is now 15 weeks pregnant so it was fun to catch up and hear all about her latest news and cravings!! :) Thanks again for lunch Kim...always good to talk to you!

My sister called me around 4pm and invited me & DH to go out with her and one of her good friends (along with their guys) to Third Base Sports Bar for $0.50 tacos & $1.50 margaritas! And of course we said yes!! I love Mexican food and margaritas! Oh and they had free chips & salsa too! We had a great time and was fun to meet my sister's friend...this is one she talks about quite a bit so it will be nice to know her now! I think we'll have more Wednesday nights at Third Base! Wasn't quite within my points range, but I am ok with how I did, only used 5 of my weekly 35 flex points!

I am behind on my goals since I was sick last week, but I still wanted to give a quick recap of January's goals.

1. Attend WW meetings...don't just WI - missed two meetings (sick & had to work)
2. Try 4 new WW friendly recipes - didn't try any :( I need to cook more
3. Eat less in the evenings - definitely getting better, but I think I can improve
4. Workout 6 days/week - I averaged 5.6 days/week - need to do better
5. 169lbs by 1/31/09 -Achieved 1/31/09 169lbs!!!

And here are my February Goals:

1. Try 2 new WW friendly recipes - I am just going to for two since I didn't even make 4 last month!
2. Eat less in the evenings
3. Workout 6 days/week
4. 161 lbs by 2/28/09

I hope everyone had a great Wednesday! I know I sure did! It's Thursday now, the sun is shining, tomorrow's FRIDAY, DH has the weekend off, and it's Valentines Day on Saturday...what a great day to be alive & kicking!!

I got this in an e-mail from the Biggest Loser and thought it was great because I know women are usually nervous about lifting weights 'cause they don't walk to "bulk up". And to be honest a woman's body isn't built to do that like a man's body is. So here are some great reasons to "pump some iron"!!

All the Ladies in the Club...
Building muscle is not just for the fellas

For a long time, gym exercise was divided by gender: women went the aerobic route and men lifted weights. We know now that everyone needs a healthy combination of the two. Just as important for women to get their heart rate up several times a week is the need for them to strengthen their muscles with weights.

Ladies, the next time you think lifting weights is not for you, consider these facts:

Strong muscles mean strong bones. Six months of strength training can increase spine bone mineral density by up to 13 percent. That means you stand taller, feel better, and look slimmer no matter what your age.

Strength training makes you healthy...and happy. Lifting weights helps lower blood pressure, fights diabetes, and even helps prevent depression.

Weight training works fast. Most women start seeing results in as little as three to four weeks. Nothing like visible proof that a plan is working!

Lifting weights boosts your energy, too. More muscle means it's easier to do everything from playing tag with the kids to paperwork at your desk.

Don't you deserve these benefits too? Start lifting!


spunkysuzi said...

:) We both got the Subway bug this week!!

Laura said...

Love margaritas! :)

Good luck with your goals!

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