Friday, January 9, 2009

Day 68 (Friday 1/9)

BREAKFAST: Yogurt w/Grape Nuts. 2 points

LUNCH: Subway Ham & Turkey Sub w/Baked Lays & Diet Coke. 9 points

My friend Kim & I went to lunch together and she insisted on taking my a picture of me with my I thought I would post it! ;)

AFTERNOON SNACK: Apple & a WW Cookie. 2 points
SUPPER: Bacon Chicken Ranch Wrap. 6 points EVENING SNACK: Kettle Corn. 1 point


WATER = 106

EXERCISE = 50 min cross ramp

Sometimes it's hard to believe, but I think I have actually inspired a few people to eat healthier! DH is one...already told you guys about that (btw, I think he's already down 9lbs!). But the other day my boss was asking me all about points & everything! And if I have to say I don't think she really has any weight to lose, she's a runner and in great shape, she just wants to eat healthier, which I think is great! So the past two days she's been asking me if this is good or if that is's fun to have a the people around you on board with what you're doing! Makes me wonder who I will inspire next....!!!

The other exciting thing is that when I was talking to my boss we were talking about all the races she does and I think we are going to do a 5K together in June! I'm excited, this will be my first race....EVER! I need to keep training though because she's much faster than I am right now.

And to top it's FRIDAY!!! I love Fridays, work is almost over for the week, thinking about my weekend plans, two days off work....can't get much better!

Ok I wrote the previous paragraph before I got what's pictured below:

DH knew I was having a long day (& week) so he came to office with my FAVORITE pop & some ww 1point snacks! Totally made my day on top of it being Friday!!

Hope everyone has a SUPER fabulous weekend and keeps their goals in mind!

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