Monday, January 5, 2009

Day 64 (Monday 1/5)

BREAKFAST: Oatmeal, a Pear, & an Apple. 4 points
LUNCH: Ham, Turkey, & Cheese Wrap and a Cucumber w/ff Ranch. 4 points

AFTERNOON SNACK: 2 Tbls Mini Choc. Chips. 4 points


POINTS = ???
WATER = 116
EXERCISE = 41 min run/walk

Today was my first day back to work after almost two weeks...and I was so not ready for it at all! Classes start next week and so we were SUPER busy! But I guess I can't be a a "stay at home wife"....not yet anyway, so now is just as good as any time to get back into my normal routine!

I was doing so good today, but when I got home I had a horrible case of the "muchies"!!! And I didn't control it (which makes me really sad). I ate yogurt, fiber one bar, cool whip, chili with sour cream, cheese, & crackers, peanut butter w/chocolate chips, chips & salsa....way too many points! What was I doing....I need to get out of this mode of snacking like I did over the holidays.

I know I've already mentioned it, but I earned my 10% key chain from ww over break and lost 2lbs over the holidays...rather than gaining! I was pretty proud of that (although secretly I was hoping for a bigger loss!). My scale at home says 177.5! It is so exciting to see it go down, down, down!! I did have a gain last week at ww, but I figuring that I would since I ate really bad 5/7 days before my wi, it was only .8 lbs, so I think I can live with that!

2 of my 3 sisters have gone home now (the 3rd one lives in the area). I was definitely sad to see them go, Wendi (my younger one), was my gym buddy over break and it was fun to work out together! I got all my Christmas stuff put away last week before I had to go back to work so now life is back to normal...I think anyway!

I hope everyone has a SUPER week and stays on track!

Btw, I am hoping to get my goals setfor January and get those posted! Need to figure them out soI know what I'm shooting for this month!

For those of you BL fans....are you super glad that Michelle won or what?!?!? I am so excited for next season to start tomorrow always pumps me up!


heathermarie said...

dont you hate the afternoon munchies. Thats what gets me too! But hey you deserve to splurge after managing to LOSE weight over the holidays haha.. hope you have a great week! OH and yes i was a michelle fan from the beginning!

Laura said...

Yes! I was so glad Michelle won. I'm watching the new season now.

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