Friday, December 19, 2008

Day 47 (Friday 12/19)

BREAKFAST: Apple, Pear, & a Fiber One Bar. 4 pointsLUNCH: 2 pc Chicken w/o the Skin, Corn, & Pickles. (Didn't eat the roll or butter) 8 pointsSUPPER: Ham & Pineapple Pizzas, 1 sm slice of reg. Pizza, & Cauliflower & Broccoli w/Cheese. 11 pointsEVENING SNACK: WW Ice Cream Bar. 2 points

WATER = 92 oz water
EXERCISE = 62 min cross ramp, 30 min bike, 20 min weights & abs

So I got up at my usual time this morning and I didn't have a txt message yet that we were closed, but there was TON of snow outside. So I got ready and then saw we had a two hour delay. That made me happy 'cause then I knew I could get in a nice long work out! So I got to the gym by 7am and by 9am I saw that we were closed! Let me tell you...I was ecstatic!!! I was the only one in the cardio room tho, so it didn't matter that I was jumping up & down with a giant smile across my face!! If I could do cart wheels I would have done them all the way to the weight room!! THREE DAY WEEKEND!! And then two day work week next week and I'm off for almost 2 weeks for Christmas break!!

Ok I'm done celebrating...sorry! :)

I don't think the fried food affected me last night. The scale stayed the same. (yes I weighed...I'm know I'm naughty!)

When I left the gym my sister (the one from Georgia) called and said they wanted to go to Ames (a town about 40 min away w/more shopping options than the town I live in) for lunch at Hickory Park (one of my fav. restaurants there!) and then shop. So since I had the day off we decided to go! It was a fun time with my sisiters, all four of us ended up going! I feel that I made smart choices at Hickory Park, I know my sides are a little odd, pickles & corn, but they were the healthiest choices on the menu! And I didn't have dessert (everyone else did and I didn't have any desire to have even one bite!) We went to Sam's Club, Target, Best Buy, and the mall! And then the whole way home we sang Christmas fun!

I am totally getting into the Chirstmas spirit and trying to enjoy other things about this wonderful season than having my main focus be all that fattening food that is far, so good, but I have a feeling this coming week will be the hardest. But I CAN do it!


Nancy said...

Good job for staying OP. And I really like how you took pics of your meals for the day. This is actually a really great idea. I'm going to try doing this one day and then I'll post it on my blog. I think it might help me stay accountable. Keep it up!

Laura said...

I'm so jealous of your days off! That must be so nice!

The holidays are hard on everyone. Try not to stress too much. You've been doing great so far!

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