Saturday, December 13, 2008

Day 41 (Saturday 12/13)

BREAKFAST: Fiber One Bar. 2 points
MORNING SNACK: English Muffin w/2 TBLS Chocolate PB2. 2 points.
LUNCH: Taco & 1 c Corn. 6 pointsSUPPER: Subway Ham & Turkey Sub. 6 points
EVENING SNACK: 2 WW Chocolates, Kettle Corn, & a Fiber One Bar. 5 points

WATER = 114
EXERCISE = 50 min weights, 22 min run/walk, & 30 min cross ramp

I love days that I don't have to work! I think I could just stay in the gym all day! It always feels so good to get in a nice long workout and not feel rushed. I finished week 4 of my training program. Today was a 1.75 run/walk. I did a 1 min warm up at 4.0 mph and then ran the rest of the time, 17.5 minutes straight at 5.8 mph! I couldn't believe it! I know that isn't the fastest pace, but I feel like I'm getting more endurance.

Ok so here's a topic for discussion - amount of clothing worn in the locker I would say that I'm not too "conservative", but also not going to walk around the locker room naked. So Friday morning when I was getting ready in the locker room there was this girl who was also getting ready, but zero clothes on and she was drying her hair in front of this floor to ceiling mirror. It was just kinda weird. And maybe it's just not my "thing", but I would think she would be a bit more comfortable if she put on a towel or at least got dressed. So what are you you girls do this??

I finally went through the "health food section" at the grocery store today. I think the most exciting things that I found were the PB2 and 1 point tortillas that are HUGE! I also got some more ww ice cream good! Since I've been having an "ice cream treat" now DH wanted some ice cream so I bought him his all time favorite "Bunny Tracks" and I'm proud to say I'm not even tempted to eat it! Oh and I also picked up a couple magazines, WW & Oxygen. I'm excited to read Oxygen because it looks like it's really all about fitness and lifting weights!


mandatalksalot said...

My gym has open showers, and I've been in locker room for so many years that I am not shy about getting take care of business (i.e. shower, change, etc). But I can't stand it when women like hang out naked.....hairdrying can easily be done in at least a towel....and if it CAN be done it SHOULD be done. A shower or a change into a swimsuit, ain't no big deal. Just my two cents

Laura said...

I agree that when you are just hanging out, you should wear a towel. I was thinking about this the other day because I just switched gyms and the women at my new gym seem to be a lot less modest. It may be because this gym has a pool and people are changing out of swimsuits. I'm really not sure. My gym supplies towels, so I see no reason to be walking around or rummaging through your bag totally naked.

Anonymous said...

Hi Darci! Thanks for commenting on my blog...I'm so glad to hear that you are liking the training program! Congrats on the 17.5 minute straight run!!! That's awesome! You'll be so amazed at how easy the program makes it to increase your mileage. I never thought I'd be able to run 2 miles in my life, let alone 8 or 10! I'm looking forward to continuing to read about your journey! :)

spunkysuzi said...

you will definitely not find me in front of a full length mirror naked in front of other people :)

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