Saturday, December 6, 2008

Day 34 (Saturday 12/6)

BRUNCH: Pumpkin Pie French Toast, 4 tbls Cool Whip, 1/4 c Lite Syrup, & 2 Clementines. 4.5 pointsAFTERNOON SNACK: Diet Hot Chocolate & a Fiber One Bar. 2 pointsSUPPER: 2 Slices of Pizza & a Budlight. 14 points

POINTS = 20.5
WATER = 96 oz
EXERCISE = 18 min run/walk & 65 min cross ramp

Since I've been getting up during the week around 5:15ish I think my body is getting adjusted to that and for some reason I woke up right around that time this morning. I was really hoping to sleep in a bit, but I'm glad that I got up. I continued reading in my book (New Moon...2nd book in the Twilight series) and then I was the gym at 8am when it opened. And I got in a great workout; finished week 3 of my training program, earned some major AP's, and finished my book. What a nice way to start the morning!

I also took my measurements this morning. I measure myself in 10 different places and lose 9 3/4 inches in one month! Couldn't believe it, but that is probably why some of my smaller pants are fitting me again!

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