Monday, December 1, 2008

Day 28 (Sunday 11/30)

BREAKFAST: 2 Clementines, a Fiber One Bar, and Diet Hot Chocolate. 3 points

LUNCH: Grilled Chicken, ff Ranch, 1/2 Baked Potato, & a very SMALL amount of Nachos. 12 points

AFTERNOON SNACK: Chocolate Animal Crackers. 4 points

SUPPER: Broccoli & Cauliflower w/Cheese & Chocolate Pudding. 3 points

POINTS = 22 points
WATER = 102 oz
EXERCISE = 15 min run/walk & 34 min Cross Ramp (Burned 510 calories!)

I feel like I am starting to get a better handle on Sundays. It would be so easy for me to over eat, we go out EVERY Sunday and then lounging around the house it seems like I'm always apt to eat waaayyy too much! But I didn't today and I'm glad! We went out for lunch and I made smart choices, no fried foods! I really wanted to stay within my points to have a loss for this Tuesday's WI!

I finally made it to the gym today. Seems like I hadn't been there in forever (Thursday). It felt great. I started a book this afternoon (Twilight) and finished it at the gym and started the next one (New Moon). I really like doing the Cross Ramp, it makes it easier to read while working out and I feel like I get more of a workout than I would if was doing the bike. I hope everyone had a nice weekend!

I wasn't very good about taking pictures of what I ate this weekend so that's my goal for this next week is to do better at that. I really think it helps me eat less and really enjoy the food I'm eating!


Fifty Eight Days said...

Looks like you did pretty good! It's always hard for me to eat right when I go out to eat too. I couldn't dream of reading while I'm doing cardio, I'd totally fall! Hehehe! Keep up the good work!

Laura said...

Good job on making smart choices! I can easily snack all day on Sunday too.

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