Monday, November 24, 2008

Day 22 (Monday11/24)

BREAKFAST: Oatmeal & an Apple. 3 points
MORNING SNACK: Cheese Slice. 1 point

LUNCH: Turkey & Cheese Wrap, sf Jello(+cool whip!), a Cucumber, & ff Ranch. 8 points
SUPPER: Progresso Soup w/2 Cheese Sandwiches & an Apple. 8 points

EVENING SNACK: Diet Sunkist (my fav. pop!). 0 points
WATER = 130 oz
EXERCISE = 6 min. run/walk & 20 min elliptical

So this week I am thinking about doing the Wendie Plan and having my SHD on Thursday (Thanksgiving!). I am a little nervous though because I did read that this is for people who have plateaued, which I haven't yet. So I'm curious if anyone else has ever done this before plateauing? Would love your feedback!

I got up this morning and went to gym to start my second week of my Training Program. It was just a 1/2 mile again, so not bad at all. I knew I wouldn't want to go to the gym tonight because my sister is home from college (Florida) for Thanksgiving and I knew I would want to spend time with her rather than in the gym. Tomorrow's ww wi...hoping for another 3lb loss!


Fifty Eight Days said...

I LOVE how you take pictures of what you eat, talk about accountability! And I think it's cute that you call it "Supper".

Lynn said...

I have not done the Wendi plan, but I did switch over to Core, which has helped me a lot with my plateaus.

I know some people have had luck with the Wendi plan, tho... :D

Anonymous said...

Hope you lose your 3! I never heard of the Wendi plan before??? I do the flex pts. Is it a WW plan? Oh and you have got me starting to make wraps instead of sandwiches. I made one the other day after seeing your now that's all hubby wants. Thanks for the idea. Happy Turkey Day.

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