Monday, November 24, 2008

Day 20 (Saturday 11/22)

BREAKFAST: Double Chocolate Muffin & an Apple. 4 points

MORNING SNACK: 1 serv. ff Pringles & Yogurt w/ 1/4 c Grape Nuts. 3 points
(LATE) LUNCH: 2 MGD 64's & Applebees' Garlic Herb Chicken w/ side of Ranch. 11 points
EVENING SNACK: String Cheese, 1 serv. ff Pringles, 1 WW Chocolate, Ranch Wheat Thins, Diet Sunkist & Chocolate Animal Crackers. 12 points
WATER = 24 oz
EXERCISE = Slim in Six Workout DVD - 25 min

I woke up at 4:45 am before my 5:45 alarm and was wide awake. I knew the gym wasn't open that early so I headed to the basement and put in a workout dvd! I was kinda planning on Saturday being my "off" day for exercise, but I figured since I had the time I would get it in!

Today was our last regular season Hawkeye game of year. It was in Minnesota (about a 3 hour drive). We had a great time and it was an AWESOME game. Hawks won 55-0!!

I think I did fairly good eating wise. I had healthy snacks packed. I went a little over on my points, but it's a rare occassion that I have to use some of my weekly 35 allowance. We also met one of my cousins for a late lunch/early supper before the game and she wanted to go to Applebees and I was, of course, happy with that because that way I knew exactly the points of what I was eating! It worked out perfect and it was great to see her and her bf.

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