Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Coming Clean

Can you say “broken record”? Here I am again, coming clean for all to see. It’s been 10 days since I’ve worked out and don’t even ask about how many points I’ve had today! For some reason I cannot stay consistent with eating well & working out. I do SO well for a week or so and then some “life event” happens and I completely fall off the wagon.

I need to go back to a favorite quote:

It’s take motivation to get started, it takes commitment not to quit.

In other news…my sweet little girl just got over strep {AKA…life event that got me off track}. Sick babies are no fun, I’m so glad she’s feeling better!IMG_1161

Help! What do you do that keeps you trucking forward toward that ultimate goal?


blackhuff said...

I am glad that you little one is over the Strep. There's nothing worse than a child being sick.
What keeps me trucking towards my ultimate goal? What works for me, is to look back onto old photos of myself where I was obese. This keep me on track.

Kim said...

My tip is just to stay patient with yourself and keep trying. One day it will "click" and that will be the attempt that succeeds. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start again:)

Monika www.endyoyo.com said...

Your little girls seems so happy on this picture ;-)

Motivation! We are motivated by different factors, based on our personalities and where we are with our lifes!

Best regards,

Jana said...

What "keeps me on track" is looking at my pooch and stretch marks from pregnancy! But, I am BELOW my pre-pregnancy weight/size but still... Also, due to my muscular dystrophy I usually am physically unable to work out-so when I can it's not hard to do since I enjoy it. Arya has caused me to eat more fruits, vegetables, and fresh food to be a good example to her (and because that is what I am feeding her).

Jana K said...

Good Morning Darci!! Well just like you I'm finding it very hard to stay on track with my food & working out after Kroix. But yesterday I got some major motivation when I tried on my summer clothes....I could get them on but they were not comfortable at all! So this morning I made it to gym & rocked out 3.1 miles on the treadmill!! Try on your skinny clothes....see if it motivates you ;-)

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