Sunday, February 12, 2012

Where are you headed?

I haven’t posted in a while. This was done on purpose. I took some time to sit back and ponder on what my purpose is on this journey. I looked through old posts and thought about what I want to achieve. Pinned Image

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I’ve decided it will be to my benefit to get back to setting monthly goals to meet my overall goals.

Even though we are well into February I’m still going to set February goals. So without further ado checkout what I’ve aimed for this month!

  1. workout 4 days/week
  2. attend every WW meeting (no excuses)
  3. track daily
  4. limit TV time to 1 hr/day
  5. weigh 174 by 2.29.12 {lose 4lbs}

Tracking is something I struggle with all the time. I’m good for breakfast & lunch (during the work week) and then that’s where it ends. And don’t even talk about the weekends. Zilch for tracking.

Does 1 hour/day for TV seem like a lot? We always watch the news, but besides that I feel like I waste a lot of time sitting on the couch. I want to fill the time with more productive things. ie working out, organizing, house projects, etc

I think my other 2 goals are fairly self explanatory! So those are some pretty big goals, but I have the confidence that I can achieve them!


What goals do you have for this week/month/year?


Baby Weight and Beyond said...

My goal for the month is to lose 1 inch.

Good luck with your goals!

Sam said...

I have a goal of quitting drinking soda - I drink way too much of it. As of today I am 5 days without it and I feel great :) ... I also just started a semi-longterm goal of losing 30 lbs by my 30th bday in June. I think goals are really important when trying to lose weight, having something to strive for makes it a little easier to accomplish your ultimate goal. Your goals sound great ... good luck!!

Kim said...

I was on a total roll leading up to Christmas and was at goal, but now I'm struggling with a few pounds. I'm thinking of giving myself a Lent challenge or something to drop a few pounds. I think your 1 hour of tv is doable. For me, I would exclude counting the news because I usually have that on while making dinner or something. It will be interesting to hear how that tv challenge goes for you. How strict you are going to be, does just having it on while you are doing something else count toward the hour, or are you just counting the "sitting on the couch actually watching a show". Okay, I am thinking about this way too much, but that is what I do when I'm totally dressed and ready for school and they call a snow day.

Alissa (A Journey to Thin) said...

Good luck with your goals!

My goal is to keep on track. I so often go off track and my weight loss stalls. I want to get to ONEDERLAND! I also want to run a 10K this year.

Monika said...

With the long-term motivation you will achieve your goals sooner than you think! ;-)

Happy Valentines Day,

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