Sunday, October 31, 2010

BIG win!!!

Hello friends! Hope everyone is enjoying their Halloween weekend! Sorry for my lack of a Friday post. Kyle and I volunteered for our church’s kids game night. Our assignment was a photo booth, long story short we had to use our camera and all my food pics had to be deleted. :(

On to Saturday! I feel like it pretty much a repeat of last Saturday (with a much better outcome)! I had some pb & j toast for 4 points before we hit the road to Iowa City! DSC090863

Same as last Saturday, we skipped tail gaiting (SO much less stuff to pack!) and we went out to eat! Started out with chips & salsa, my serving was about 5 points. DSC09222

I had the malibu chicken again (minus the top half of the bun, bacon, & cheese) for 5 points.DSC09224

On the side I had some delicious veggies for 1 point. I was STUFFED after all that food. We sat in the restaurant a while though and just enjoyed our meal & time together!DSC09223

Afterwards we made the trek back to the stadium, ready to cheer on the Hawks! We played the #5 ranked team, Michigan State.DSC09231

Since it was so close to Halloween, Herky (our mascot) wore a costume!DSC09230

He wasn’t the only one though, check out these people, they were teeth, a toothbrush, & toothpaste!DSC09225

Bumble bee!DSC09227

Spiderman & look, even Waldo!DSC09233

Kyle’s favorite, a whoopie cushion! lolDSC09237

Anyone know who this guy is? He kinda makes me laugh!DSC09241

Ok back to the game! ;) Our team came out fighting, half time the score was 30-0!!!DSC09232

We ended up winning 37-6! A great win, over a highly ranked team, and especially good after our bummer loss last week!DSC09243

After the game Kyle and I made the trip home. On the way we stopped for supper, Subway! I had a 6 in chicken teriyaki on wheat for 7 points.DSC09251

We also shared a bag of Sun chips for 2 points. DSC09253

It’s so much more fun to drive home after a win, compared to last week’s game! We got home and I crashed! Felt great!

POINTS = 24/23
WEEKLY ALLOWANCE POINTS = 35 used/0 remaining
H2O = 68 oz
EXERCISE = LOTS of walking to/from stadium! (I mapped it out and it was 2+ miles!)


Fashion Meets Food said...

I went to the U of M Penn State game since it was in PA, and we were tailgating when I heard Iowa won I think I screamed so loud in excitement. You see I am a U of M fan, and then hope any one who plays Ohio State or Michigan State wins... so I am so glad that Iowa pulled the upset out. My mom called me from Michigan to tell me that it's all over the news papers, and State was so upset LOVE IT! lol. Love your pictures from the game. I definitely wish I could visit that stadium. Maybe one day a trip to Iowa will be able to happen!

xo Happy Halloween gorgeous!

TJ said...

I am always impressed by your EATS when you are out all day. :) WTG!

Leah said...

haha I love the Waldo and whooppie cushion! Hilarious!

Happy Halloween!

Baby Weight and Beyond said...

It's great that your team won! You are so great at eating out!

blackhuff said...

Great job on eating healthy while out to a sports game.

Mae Flowers said...

That would have been a great game to be at! Looks like a lot of fun!

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