Sunday, October 10, 2010


Happy Sunday folks! Anyone do anything special for the tenth day of the tenth month of the 2010th year? Run 10 miles? Eat 10 bananas? ;)

If you happened to miss my Saturday post you can check it out here, it was fun! ;)

Our friends had to leave first thing this morning. :( We said our goodbyes and headed the grocery store. There were some good sales for the day, lots of items were 10 for $10!!

Back at home I made a quick, delicious breakfast! I sliced an apple and had 1 leftover pumpkin pancake for a total of 4 points. DSC08972

The pancakes were just as good as the first time around!DSC08973

I got a few things done around the house, including making a few cards in my craft room! Yay!! :)

We had lunch plans with Kyle’s family. They chose a pizza buffet. :( I said no thanks and went a block away to pick up some Subway to bring back to the pizza place. I got a footlong Subway club and saved 1/2 for lunch tomorrow!DSC08974

I also had 1/2 bag of SunChips with my sandwich for a total of 8 points. DSC08975

I’m not saying pizza isn’t ok, but I’m trying SO hard to stay 100% OP right now. I think it’s ok to work those types of food in your daily points, you just have to be sensible with your choices. Right now I have to stay serious…our Thanksgiving cruise is only 41 days away! I think it’s ok to accommodate your preferences when you have a particular goal in mind!

We rested up a bit throughout the afternoon and then headed out for another family get together for supper! Today is my Grandma’s 76th birthday!DSC08991

My sister from Omaha was even able to make it!DSC08978

Sister & BILDSC08980

And I got to see Hayden for the 4th day in a row!! Lovin’ it!!DSC08981

Supper happened to be at the SAME place as last night! It’s a favorite of my Grandma’s! I had the grilled chicken sandwich again, but a baked potato with salsa on the side instead for a total of 8 points. DSC08985

No birthday celebration is complete without cake!!!DSC08986

I had just a little sliver for an estimate of 3 points. I didn't’ have any luck finding champagne cake nutrition facts online so if you happen to find some, let me know! I’m curious!DSC08989

POINTS = 23/23
WEEKLY ALLOWANCE POINTS = 1 used/34 remaining
H2O = 128 oz

That’s all for my weekend friends! Hope you enjoyed your’s to the max!! Can’t wait to start reading the Chicago Marathon race recaps!! It was so fun following everyone today!


Mae Flowers said...

That cakes looks sooooo good! Great job on making good choices to stay OP, you are unstoppable!

Fashion Meets Food said...

Good for you not going to the pizza place and just going to subway. Your grandma is adorable.


Jenna Marie said...

Mmm looks exactly like my meal Sat night-minus the cake, add the pumpkin ice cream!! ;) I bet you guys are ready for the new Mineral City to open so you have another option.
By the looks of it you had a fun-filled day w/ family!!(jealous)
Miss you already <3

Amanda said...

Great job on keeping to your goal even through a very restaurant heavy weekend! Inspiring!

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