Monday, September 27, 2010


Happy Monday friends!!! Hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend. I sure did, check it out!

We headed to Iowa City with Kyle’s parents Friday night and met up with his sister & her husband. We headed to Outback for supper.DSC08751

And I was good! ;)DSC08750

I had a “hankering” for ice cream and once again made a smart choice again! 2 point skinny cow!DSC08757

We hit the hay early ‘cause 5:30am was coming early! Gotta get our prime tailgate spot!

Kyle’s Mom was the grill master…eggs & sausage!DSC08758

I said no to the high fat sausage and went for an apple with peanut butter and…DSC08759

A ff blueberry muffin! Tailgating and staying OP IS possible!DSC08761

We had time for a few games of bag-o before the rain came!DSC08762

My SIL and I sporting our ponchos…which I was SO glad we brought!DSC08768

It was a GREAT game…minus the rain! We won 45-0!DSC08773

And I ran into a hs friend, she was only 10 rows above us!!DSC08774

Alright guys, I’ve got to get to work! I’ll be back tonight with my regular posts and show you what I did on Sunday!

Have a FABULOUS day!


Baby Weight and Beyond said...

Great work staying OP during tailgating!

Heidi said...

You guys are such die-hard fans ... it's great! You did fantastic staying OP through this. You're setting a great example!!!

Mrs. M said...

What a fun weekend, and good job sticking with it!

Mae Flowers said...

How fun! Hubby and I have been watching tickets- we really want to go to a game one of these days. But not a rainy one! ;)

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