Thursday, September 30, 2010

Happy Hump Day!

We had a BUSY morning today! We had to drop one of our vehicles off to get an oil change, then I dropped Kyle off at work, and then I took Abby (our dog) to the vet & groomer! All before 8am!!

Because of all those “errands” I ended up eating breakfast at my desk when I got to work. I had the usual oatmeal combo for 5 pointsDSC08808

I had a new “try” at lunch today. Sunday when we got groceries I picked up some Green Giant Just for One frozen cauliflower & cheese sauce because I had a coupon. They are 0 points each. I would say this will be the first & last time I will get these. The cheese sauce was NO good!

The rest of my lunch, on the other hand, was great! I had a ham, turkey, & cheese sandwich, 1/4 c cottage cheese, and 1/2 c grapes for 5 points. DSC08809

My afternoon went relatively fast and then I RUSHED home! We had a 6pm supper time w/work friends. So that meant I had less than 20 minutes to exercise. I ended up getting 1.5 miles in 14 minutes. My thought is that it’s 1.5 better than 0!

We had supper at a pizza place, but I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich. I only ate half the bun & none of those icky chips you see in the background for a total of 6 points. DSC08812

Kyle hung out & chatted the evening away while a work friend & I hit Younkers up for the last day of the Goodwill sale! Let’s just say between when I got Tuesday night & tonight…my shopping is done for the week! (Probably not because we have a planned shopping trip on Saturday before the Hawkeye game!)

I’ll have to get pictures of what I got & share with you guys tomorrow, there were some AWESOME sales!! :)

I’m going to leave you with pictures of my sweet pup! This is here before her haircut this morning! She could hardly see!!DSC08807

For some reason she was extra hyper when we got home tonight and she wouldn’t sit still for an “after” picture, but you get the idea! lolDSC08813DSC08821DSC08819

This is the closest I got to a good one! If only you could read her mind “put that black thing down & just play with me…please!!!” I just luv her!!!DSC08818

POINTS = 16/23
WEEKLY ALLOWANCE POINTS = 0 used/35 remaining
H2O = 120 oz
EXERCISE = 1.5 mile run

Do you have a pet(s)? I can’t imagine our life without Abby! I love that she is always happy to see us and always puts a smile on our faces no matter how bad our day was!! By the way, she’s 3 years & a pom-a-poo!


Krista said...

You get a gold star for today in my books for 2 reasons..#1 you didn't bail on your workout especially when you only had 20 mins and #2 you passed on chips and bread (my weaknesses) even though they were on your plate!

Rock star :)

Very cute pup pics! We have one crazy cat...Sasha Belle when shes a good girl..and then on bad days she is Sasha Fierce!

spunkysuzi said...

Cute pooch!
You had an awesome day. And it's Friday the weekend is almost here!
We have a pure black cat named Snuffy who loves my hubs and i but definitely has attitude to everyone else.

Laura said...

Good job leaving the yucky chips! I tend to eat things just because they're there. :/

Pup is adorable! I always love how sassy pets act after being groomed. I have a dog and a cat, plus my mom's cat was mine when I lived at home. I can't imagine life without them either!

Mae Flowers said...

I used to work at Younkers- so when the Goodwill sale came around I would buy all kinds of stuff. 20% off plus the employee discount- awesome! That's the only part I miss about working there. lol

Casey said...

You're day before 8 am was as productive as my entire day!

Marcelle said...

I love ur eating more and more as I am a muesli and yogurt lover...

No I dont have a pet...with me going home for three months each year and hubby doing lots of business trips it would not be fair on the doggie...

Carina said...

I hate that cauliflower cheese thing too! They might be okay for someone who doesn't like veggies, or if they tripled the amount of cauliflower and slightly decreased the amount of cheese, but as sold, I agree, disgusting! But I like the green giant frozen individual servings of peas -- plain peas, completely delish. Eat them almost every day at lunch.

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