Friday, September 17, 2010

Getting Closer!!

Hope everyone had an enjoyable Friday. Mine was great! I don't want to be anywhere else, but right here with my lil nephew and Wendi! It's so crazy how much you can love something so tiny & new!

On the other hand, I'm not a fan of the hospital oatmeal. I only ate about half of what is pictured here.
I also had a piece of toast and a small plate of yogurt with a few strawberries & some granola for a total of 6 points.
Hayden was a little more fussy today. But I think it is because he was circumcised Thursday night. (I'd be fussy too!) Get this though, he didn't even cry when they did the procedure! He's such a tough guy!

He is doing so well though. His blood sugar levels are good so they were able to remove his IV fluids. They just need to get his jaundice under control! He has no more oxygen, no more antibiotics, no more IV, just need to get rid of that light & we'll be good to go! :) Thank you God for answered prayers!
All 3 of us were able to nap late morning into the early afternoon, so by the time Wendi fed Hayden, got him settled in again under the light, and pumped we realized it was going to be a late lunch! More like lupper!

More hospital cafeteria food! (sense the sarcasm!) I'm happy though that they do have good options for me. I had a ham & turkey sandwich, cottage cheese, and fruit for 7 points.

I have to say again, THANK YOU to everyone for your continued prayers & support! I feel like my food blog has turned into a baby blog...but Hayden's pretty cute, so I'm sure you'll all ok with that, right?!?!

Since we had such a late lunch we weren't hungry at the normal supper time. I just ended up having a few snacks when we got back to the Ronald McDonald House for 6 points.

POINTS = 19/23
WEEKLY ALLOWANCE POINTS = 0 used/35 remaining
H2O = 72 oz


TJ said...

He is adorable & I hope he gets to come home soon! :)

spunkysuzi said...

He's definitely a fighter!!

Baby Weight and Beyond said...

He is beautiful! I hope your sister can take him home soon! Great work on your eating with all the stress and limited options!

Mae Flowers said...

He is precious! Thanks for updating us- he sure is a tough! :)

Jenna Marie said...

Such great news Aunt Darci! & kudos to you for staying OP all week!!! So proud of you:)

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