Friday, September 10, 2010

Beat State…again!!!

Hey friends! I hope everyone enjoyed their Friday! Mine was just perfect!

I really hope you guys don’t get tired of seeing me eat the same breakfast everyday because I sure don’t get tired of eating it! Oatmeal, a small sliced banana, and 1T of peanut butter for 5 points is just right for me!DSC08438

I spent my morning in meetings about identity theft…man were my eyes opened up! Good info tho!

When I got back to my office I inhaled some vanilla yogurt with 1 c strawberries for 2 points. My tummy was growling early for some reason today.DSC08439

Tomorrow is the Iowa Hawkeye vs Iowa State Cyclone football game…basically the super bowl in Iowa, the game to determine who gets bragging rights! I played a little joke on a co-worker who, needless to say, is NOT a Hawkeye fan! ;) It’s all in good fun tho!DSC08436

Kyle and I went home for lunch and were short on time so I had a Smart Ones for 6 points. Quick & within my points range…I’ll take it!DSC08440

We finished off our last few hours of the day at work and then hit the road to see Kyle’s Grandma. Not without stopping at Kum & Go for $0.59 fountain pop first! MMMmmm good!DSC08442

Notice I went all out w/my Hawkeye gear today…ribbon in my hair & everything! :D

The past few times we’ve went to see Kyle’s Grandma we have went out to eat, but we decided to cook supper at her place tonight.DSC08455

I made creamy baked chicken, green bean casserole, corn, and dinner rolls. My plate was a total of 11 points (counting a dinner roll, not pictured). DSC08444

After supper we played cards. Up the river, to be specific. Yes, this was a bad hand :( but…..DSC08454

I won the overall game!DSC08456

Look what greeted up when we pulled in the garage…about an 8 inch slimy looking thing! EEEWWWW!!! Not something I would expect to see in Iowa! Gave me the willys!DSC08457

POINTS = 24/23
WEEKLY ALLOWANCE POINTS = 1 used/34 remaining
H2O = 96 oz

Ok, off to finish packing our tailgate stuff! We are leaving the house at 5am tomorrow to get a prime parking spot!

What is on your agenda for the weekend? If you’re an Iowan I sure hope it includes cheering on the Iowa Hawkeyes! ;)


Mae Flowers said...

BREAKING NEWS: ISU football practice was suspended after players reported finding a white substance on the practice field. They immediately suspended practice while ISU police were called to investigate. After an analysis, it was determined that the white susbstance unknown to ISU players was the goal line. Practice resumed after it was decided the team was unlikely to encounter the substance again. ;)

Have fun at the game!! Go Hawks!

Marcelle said...

You've given me some food ideas after looking at the photo's and reading your blog...thanks for that,...:)

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