Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Read with caution!

G’day Mates! We are the final stretch of the week! If you missed my Tuesday post click here…I was late getting it up! ;) Oh and if I want the choco monkey oatmeal recipe I edited my post from yesterday to include it.

My late night last night made for a sluggish start this morning! I didn’t even feel like making anything. I had a peanut butter toast for 3 points. I LOVE peanut butter & could eat it straight out of the jar with a spoon!

I was a little slow at work at first, but once I got going on projects I was better! I caught up on emails and ate the other part of my breakfast, 1c mixed fruit for 1 point. DSC07060

Do you see that 8% taped to my monitor? Yep I’m still working on the sister challenge!

Later on I had my usual morning snack of 1c strawberries, vanilla yogurt, and 1/4c grape nuts for 3 points. DSC07061

Kyle was SUPER sweet and brought me lunch from Wendys! Little did he know that I had scheduled a doctor appointment and wasn’t going to be able to go home for lunch!!

He brought me a baked potato and some chili and I mixed them up for 7 points! This was the first time I ate a potato this was and it was GREAT!DSC07062

After work and my doctor appointment I headed out for a run with Kyle! We ended up walking for about 5 minutes during the run by a construction site that is building a water park in town so that hurt our time, but it was fun to see the progress! Can’t wait to check it out this summer!DSC07063

Supper was a mish mash tonight, but very good! I sautéed some zucchini squash and mixed them up with some ww pasta, cooked carrots, and ff cheese for a total of 4 points! Super yummy and filling!DSC07064

After supper we had big plans….I don’t even want to tell you guys….but I must because I LOVE ice cream and don’t want to deny you of this!!

Dairy Queen is celebrating its 25th birthday. Plus it’s also the time for DQ’S “Customer Appreciation Week” which calls upon all fans of Dairy Queen to get into the party! Any blizzard purchase from Diary Queen shall entitle the customer to have another same sized blizzard for a quarter. Click here to print the coupon. It’s good April 19th – 25th!

Now you understand my title! ;)

So of course we couldn’t let this AWESOME deal pass us by!! I ordered the cookie jar blizzard…one of my favorites! Sadly this baby cost me 15 points! I didn’t calculate it until after I ate it though!DSC07065

We went with our neighbor and her 2 little boys! I decided that if I had kids I would probably eat less! My poor friend was busy feeding either of her boys or running after them!DSC07069         


POINTS = 32/23
WEEKLY ALLOWANCE POINTS = 11 used/24 remaining
ACTIVITY POINTS EARNED =   5 today/8 week
WATER = 88 oz
EXERCISE = 3.6 mile run

What’s your take on ice cream? Do you love it or can you leave it? I think it is my BIGGEST weakness and something I am always willing to splurge on!!


spunkysuzi said...

Believe it or not ice cream doesn't do anything for me! However, if your talking chocolate that's a different story :)

Kyle Gershman said...

Ice cream and ice cream related treats are the "go to" choice for me in most every case. That being said, I haven't had ice cream in the house since February...don't want it to melt when it is 50 miles drive from home even though we bring coolers with us to the store!

TJ said...

SO happy we do not have a DQ around here for at least 30 min! lol My lactose intolerant tummy is happy too! lol Funny how I eat it adn get sick but keep trying. lol

Syl said...

I always loved ice cream but didn't eat much of it.

This past summer we had more icecream than I have had in my life time :-) we were really active, it was really hot and it was a nice treat. I haven't had icecream (except for a pumpkin pie blizzard in October) since summer ended,that time is coming up again (summer) and i'm a little afraid :-)

Sunny Days said...

We LOVE ice cream! But I do try to contain myself till friday cream night. We did make an exception last year when Baskin Robins had the .31 cent scoops... So I know how you feel about ice cream. Love it!

Mae Flowers said...

I love ice cream. I could eat it everday. Hubby and I plan on going to DQ this weekend. I've been trying to stick w/ cones because they're so much lower in points. But for 25 cents, I can't pass that up!

Marisa (Loser for Life) said...

Oooh, a blizzard! I haven't had one of those is soooo long!

I like ice cream okay. I can take it or leave it. But, brownies.... ;)

Crystal said...

15 points is totally worth it, tho! I LOVE ice cream, it's just about the only thing I really ever actually CRAVE!! And the 25 cent special is KILLING me this week!! I want to go and get one every night. Luckily I've controlled myself so far.

Casey said...

That ice cream looks so good! And can you come organize my desk?

Megilon said...

I could live on ice cream but I think part of that is mental. It reminds me of happy times as a kid.

That is why I tend not to have it in the house or I eat too much.

Heidi said...

Hey, thanks for the heas up. My son is a DQ nut and being almost 16 he could probably eat two himself. I've printed off the coupon to give to him.

Ice Cream isn't a really biggie for me. I like it, sometimes alot, but I can leave it. DQ ice cream is a bit of an exception though. When I do have it I usually get something for the kids and then just steal a couple bites off of them. That seems to satisfy it. Plus, they don't share a whole lot so I can't really overindulge.

Little Miss Fatty Pants said...

I like Ice-cream but can definitely leave it. Cake, on the other hand...let's just say it gets pretty messy! =)

If I'm correct, your hubby is losing weight, too? Am I right? How is he doing it working at a fast food establishment?? That must be so tough!

Cupcake Dreamer said...

You read my mind. I went to DQ to pickup dinner for the family and saw the special. I had to pass.. as you said.. 15 pts. is a lot to spend! Good thing you workout and can run it off.

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