Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bad Zipper

Thanks everyone for your kind words yesterday! I'm feeling much better today! You guys are the best!! :)

After I posted last night something came over me and I just wanted to work out even though my head was saying I should take it easy! So I decided to do an "Around the World" circuit! If you haven't read Bobbi's blog before you need to *she’s awesome*, but here is the link to her video explaining them! They may sound pretty easy, but believe me they get your heart rate up and keep it there! Felt great!

For breakfast this morning I couldn't wait to get mix up a smoothie! In the blender today was 1 c strawberries, 1 small banana, ice, and 1 strawberry yogurt for a total of 3 points. I forgot the protein powder! DSC06948

The smoothie did an awesome job of holding me over until my morning snack time! I had the usual mix today of 1/4c grape nuts, 1 1/2c strawberries, and strawberry yogurt for 3 points. DSC06949

So right before I went to lunch today I went to the bathroom quick and when I went to zip up my skirt the zipper split half way down, I tried to go back down and couldn't. Then I tried to go up with the zipper and half of it completely came off the zipper thing that goes up & down. So I had to hold it closed with my hand back to my office, use some binder clips to hold it together and then headed outside in the 25+mph winds! Luckily there were a pair of jeans in my car! Whew!!

Lunch was on the run because Kyle and I had an appointment to do our passport applications! We are going on a cruise in November and been wanting to get this done for a while. On the way I scarfed down 1 cup of honeydew for 1 point. DSC06950

Kyle was sweet enough to bring me a ham & turkey sandwich with cheese for 3 points. And he also brought me a banana for 1 point. Thanks for lunch babe! :) DSC06951

My afternoon went relatively fast...a lot of it was spent explaining why I had jeans on! I work in an office where everyone dresses business casual and jeans are a bit too casual, but not when your skirt won't stay up!

After work Kyle and I did a  few things outside and before we knew it, it was already after 7pm and I hadn’t even thought about supper yet! So we went for something quick. I had a baked potato with 2 tbs of lite sour cream for 3 pointsDSC06952

I also had 1/2c cottage cheese with 1/2c sliced peaches for 2 points. Quick, filling supper!DSC06953

After supper Kyle was messing with my broken skirt and was able to fix the zipper!! Woo hoo, now I’m not out a skirt!!


POINTS = 16/23
WEEKLY ALLOWANCE POINTS = 0 used/35 remaining
ACTIVITY POINTS EARNED =   0 today/3 week
WATER = 88 oz


TJ said...

Three cheers for Kyle and his handy work! lol :) I was also impressed by his sandwich making abilities. Sadly my BF can't do either of those tricks. lol Oh well, Im keepin him anyway! :)

I want that baked potato! I love them! YUM!

Syl said...

you are going on a cruise in November...OMG WHICH ONE???? we are going on a panama cruise in November........DARCI where are you going? I would die to meet you!!!!!!!

Mae Flowers said...

How embarassing! There is nothing worse than being stuck at work with a clothing malfunction. One of my flip flops broke at work one day and I didn't have anything in my car. I found some duct tape and taped it back together and you couldn't even see the duct tape...lol. But your skirt thing is WAY worse!

Heidi said...

WOOOHOOO for your hubby fixing your skirt. That could have been a pretty embarrassing day! I once had a female flow problem at work. Talk about embarrassing. I had to tell my boss that I had to go home due to female problems. ACK!

Your husband gets super bonus points for fixing you a nice sandwich and bringing you lunch too. You got a keeper!!

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