Tuesday, March 16, 2010

tuesday = thursday

Happy "Thursday" everyone...oh wait, it was only "Thursday" at work for me! Sorry guys! ;) Tomorrow is my Friday...if you haven't noticed, I'm excited for my little upcoming vaca! Only a 1/2 day of work left!!!

Since I ate light last night I was pretty hungry this morning, which I figured I would be! I snacked on a serving of girl scout cookies while getting ready for 2 points.

Since that was a pretty light breakfast I got my morning snack out a little early. Today I mixed in 1/2 a sample box of Fiber One Honey Clusters. The honey clusters were MUCH smaller than what they made it look like on the box, but still was a nice added crunch that I like with my yogurt/strawberry combo. DSC06404

The total mix of vanilla yogurt, 1 c strawberries, and 1/2 sample box of Fiber One was 3 points. DSC06405_thumb  

I was still feeling “snacky” so I grabbed some grapes from my fridge for 1 point. Mmm love the crispness!!DSC06407 

I didn’t go to lunch until later than normal so I had another serving of girl scout cookies for 2 points.

I made a quick stop at the bank and then headed home to make my lunch. I made a broccoli & cheese baked potato for 3 points. DSC06408 

Since I took a late lunch I only had 2 hours left of my afternoon and it FLEW!! :) We had a fun filled family evening planned!

Kyle’s sister and brother came over for subs and a movie! Kyle & his brother picked everyone up $5 footlongs. I only ate half & saved the other half for lunch tomorrow.

My plate was filled with a 6 inch turkey &  ham on wheat, fresh sliced pineapple, and a serving of sun chips for 9 points. And I ate another serving of chips during the movie for another 3 points. DSC06409

Thanks for the ideas for Florida everyone! Obviously we are going to be basking in the sun on the beach and SHOPPING! I go to see my Grandpa every year for spring break so I’ve pretty much done all the tourist-y things! Kyle wants to go deep sea fishing. I’m looking forward to some relaxation and time with my family!

POINTS = 23/23
WATER =  52 oz


Livin it up, Jones Style! said...

Have a great time in Florida.. Get a good tan for me while you are there, lol.

TJ said...

I love short weeks followed by a vacation! :) hehe ENJOY!

BEE said...

broccoli and cheese my favorite yum im jealous

Syl said...

Have a great vacation Darci!

stephanie said...

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Kelly said...

Have a great time on your vacation! See ya when you get back. :)

Hope you'll post the results of the sister challenge as soon as you find out. :D

Heidi said...

Mmmm, I'm hungry now. Must get to lunch!

Enjoy your vacation...

Mrs. M said...

Ooh, deep sea fishing sounds fun, although I would probably watch and let Mr. M fish...have fun!

Casey said...

Have a great vacay and get some good R&R!


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