Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Sunday was a pretty low key day and we were A-ok with that!

We went to church with my Grandpa in the morning. But not before doing a little photo shoot! ;)DSC065991 


Sisterly <3!!DSC06600 

After church some of my Grandpa’s friends invited us over for lunch. They were super sweet and the home cooking was wonderful!

It was a pretty overcast, windy day, but Kyle and I still wanted to try and hit the beach. It was a bummer though, unless you enjoy getting pelted with sand!

After our attempt at the beach we went out for supper and decided on Outback. We have them in Iowa, but it is a few hours away so we don’t eat there often. I always enjoy the bread & bloomin’ onion!

When we were on our way back there was a lightening/thunder storm so we stopped at the beach to enjoy the light show!DSC06606


We knew the forecast for Monday was cool and rainy so we had planned a day of shopping! But first we had a breakfast at IHOP!

We made a quick stop at Sam’s Club to update mine and Wendi’s membership, something we could only do with my Grandpa there since he is the primary on the account.

I was excited to go to Ross & Marshalls, two stores that we don’t have many of (if any!) in Iowa.

Kyle isn’t much of a shopper, but he made his own fun! One hat…four ways to wear it! ;)DSC06611 DSC06612 DSC06613 DSC06614

This one is my favorite! ;)DSC06615 

I ended up just getting one dress, but guess what?!?!? It was a size 7/8!!! I couldn’t believe it! The other bonus is that it was only $19.99!!DSC06708 

After Marshalls we walked right next door to Ross. I love the racks, upon racks they have of dresses! So did Kyle…can you see him?DSC06616

How about now? ;) DSC06617

I got a “total score” while we were at Ross. Sanuk “Sandals”!DSC06711 I swear that what the tag said “I am not shoes, I’m sandals”! Here is the background….while we were in Clearwater on Thursday I found a pair of them I really liked, but the cost at the cute little surf shop on the beach was $50! But not at Ross, $9.97! They weren’t the color that I wanted from the surf shop, but hey they were white with pink…still cute! :)

I also got this cute little brown dress! It will be perfect for summer! Another great deal, only $14.99!! :)DSC06710

It ended up clearing up so we cut our shopping short and headed back to my Grandpa’s house to go to the beach for the rest of the afternoon!DSC06620

I sure do love the beach!! REALLY makes me want to move to Florida!DSC06629

I don’t think Kyle would object!!! ;)DSC06624


I could fit in as a Floridian, right?DSC06635        

After our afternoon at the beach we decided to go for some Mexican! I didn’t get a picture of his plate before…but he sure LOVED it!DSC06647

Wendi and my Grandpa…AKA Grampo (pronounced Gram-poo)!! :) Like his Dekalb hat? You can tell he is from Iowa!DSC06650   DSC06652

We had a pretty low key night. I caught up on some emails and then Kyle and I went to the beach! The beach at night is kinda scary, but also kinda romantic! :)

Well everyone, I hope you have enjoyed my updates from Florida! It’s Tuesday night, which means this is our last night in Florida. :( I’m sad that our vacation is coming to an end, but I’m also ready to get back into my regular routine…which sounds a tad crazy, I know!

Oh and stayed tuned, I have a third and final guest post I know you guys are going to love! I hope to get it posted tomorrow before we fly home.


Heidi said...

You got some cute dresses there. That's my goal this summer ... to wear/own more dresses. I'm getting sick of being a tomboy all the time.

Looks like you're having a great vacation.

Sarah said...

looks like it has been a fun trip!

you should hit up the marshalls in west des moines when you are in the area!

carzy said...


Dancing Sweet Pea said...

Looks like a really fun trip Darci! And you scored some great new clothes!

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