Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Snowy Monday

Another week is here my blog friends! I wish I could say I popped right up out of bed ready to hit the gym, but I didn’t. :( But I did make it to the gym, I just had to drag myself there! It was cold & snowy, I thought for sure we would have a delay so I think that is why I was slow-going.  In the end, I made it there and got in 27 minutes on the cross ramp.

After my workout I headed to my office and made my oatmeal with chocolate PB2 for 3 points. Can you tell…something is missing? I forgot my banana at home. It was still good, but just not as filling!  DSC05982

It wasn’t long and we got the e-mail saying we were closing early. So I rushed around to get a few things done and before I knew it was noon and I was home free for the day!

We are supposed to get up to 9 inches today, a few more tomorrow, and the wind will be picking up making making for blizzard conditions! Who knows, might have the day off tomorrow too! ;)

When I got home I had lunch right away. I had 1/2c cottage cheese w/peaches and left over chicken cordon bleu with 2/3c brown rice for 9 points. DSC05983DSC05984

I spent my afternoon catching up on blogs and emails. While doing so I munched on 1 c of crisp green grapes for 1 point. DSC05985

Then I headed out into the snow to blow out our driveway and ended up doing 2 of our neighbors ’as well I ended up being outside for a good 2 hours or so! It’s kinda like a little social outing during this cold winter season! ;)

I came inside and whipped up a pot of chili, the perfect supper on a cold snowy day! Our neighbor and Kyle’s brother joined us for supper as well! It was a fun night! I had 1 c chili, with a sprinkle of cheese, a grilled cheese sandwich, a few baby carrots, and 5 saltine crackers for 10 points. DSC05987DSC05986

Later on for desert I had another cup of the pumpkin whip I made Sunday night with some animal crackers for 5 points. If you like pumpkin you should definitely click on the link and try this out, it’s SO good!!!

It’s now Tuesday morning and the wind is whipping around just as they predicted blowing snow like crazy and I am, once again, home for a snow day! Hope everyone is keeping warm!!

POINTS = 28/23
WATER =  92 oz
EXERCISE = 27 min cross ramp


Cammy said...

Poor, lonely little oatmeal. It looks kind of naked, doesn't it? :)

Stay safe in all that snow!

TJ said...

mmm grilled cheese! I feel like a kid when I eat that. lol :)

Mrs. M said...

Like I always say around here, if it snows, I better get a day off out of it...otherwise snow is useless! (Unless you are 8.)

Marisa (Loser for Life) said...

I've been craving grilled cheese lately!

Boo to snow! We're getting more tonight...aaaahhhhhh!

Mae Flowers said...

Glad you got snow days! My university NEVER cancels and my job NEVER closes down. So I'm left to make guilty decisions based on my own safety. But what can ya do.

I've been craving chili lately! It looks so good!

Kelly said...

9 inches? That's crazy.
I'm wanting that grilled cheese. I'd give it a good home right beside a bowl of tomato soup. :)

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