Friday, January 22, 2010

Sluggish Start to a Excellent End

So this morning I wanted to hit the gym extra early so I could get to work early to get a few extra things done. So I thought I set my alarm for 5am (usually I get up at 5:40) but when I rolled over it was almost 6am! I didn’t set my alarm. :( So I got up and got lots done at my office before the work day began!

I made my outstanding oatmeal (4 points), but this morning I used chocolate PB2! A little something special for Friday! ;)DSC05797

I was SUPER tired and groggy all day! Which is quite ironic since I got some extra z’s last night! But I really think it was because I didn’t get my morning workout in! Since my morning was d-r-a-g-g-i-n-g on, I had my snack very early!  I use the other half of the sample box of Kashi cereal and mixed it with yogurt for 3 points. DSC05798 

I don’t think it helped my sluggish morning that I was working on a never ending report! So I had 2 snacks today, 2nd round was a cup of grapes for 1 point. DSC05799

I went home for lunch hoping it would wake me up. I wasn’t really up for making anything so I took the easy way out and heated up a SmartOnes (5 points). I hadn’t tried this one before and probably won’t buy it again. It had fake little meat balls that were NOT good at all.  I also had some string cheese and a fiber one bar while my dinner was cooking…evidentially 3 minutes wasn’t fast enough for me today(3 points)! ;)DSC05802DSC05803

One thing good about my lunch is that it was pretty late! So when I got back to work I had less than 2 hours of the work day left! I got through it with my favorite “pick me up”!DSC05804

4:30 finally came around and I was outta there! I don’t like days like that! Normally my days at work FLY!!! But not today. I guess if I only have 1 or 2 every 3 or 4 months I am ok with that! Kyle and I had dinner plans with some friends, but not till 7pm. So I spent the time catching up on the phone with my sister and cleaned up a bit.

Our dinner date was FUN! It was with some friends from church who we’ve known a long time, but haven’t really hung out with much. I think that may change now though, we all had a really good time! We were there for over 2 hours just chatting away!! I ordered the garlic herb chicken for 7 points. So good!

It was after 9:15 by the time we left. Kyle and I both were craving ice cream so we stopped at the grocery store and each got our own! I got Blue Bunny light vanilla and Kyle got chocolate caramel commotion. Mine was 2 points/half cup, Kyle’s was 4 points/half cup! I choose mine! I topped it off with a small sliced banana and a tbs of light chocolate syrup. Total sundae was only 3 points! Supper yummy and totally satisfied my hankering for ice cream!! DSC05807DSC05809

I know the beginning of my post was quite down, but great fellowship and food with friends made for an excellent ending! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

POINTS = 26/24
WATER =  72 oz


Mae Flowers said...

Glad your day turned out ok in the end. That sundae looks so delicious. There's nothing better than chocolate and bananas! YUM!

Syl said...

great company, great food and ice cream at the end, sound like my kind of ending :-)

Cammy said...

Way to get your day turned around! Hope it continues through the weekend!

Sarah said...

That ice cream sure looks delish! Perfect way to end your day :)

capperson said...

I'm planning on trying the oatmeal and pb2 soon, but that icecream looks really yummy! Can you eat it with any other fruits for the same amount of points?

Kyle and Darci said...

capperson: the points would be the same if you used a different fruit as long as it was a 1 point fruit!

Kelly said...

Your blog looks great!!!! I really need to learn how to do that. So purdy.

That Smart Ones lasagna looks so good ont he package though. Bummer. It reminds me of Hamburger Helper Lasagna. I used to make that all the time. Thanks for the warning about it though.

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