Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Day 196 (Tuesday 5/19)

Back to the real world today! I was so sad to see my lil sis leave last night, but I know she will have a great summer and hopefully be back in August for a wedding.

I just have to say thanks to those of you who let me know which dress you like the best!! dress #1 won and dress #2 was a close 2nd!! I think now I will get my jewelry together for each one and then decide between the two!!

I slept in with DH this AM and didn't get a workout in, but the extra ZZZ's were nice!

For breakfast I had 1 c cantaloupe and yogurt with grape nuts for 3 points. DSC02664DSC02665My morning snack was thanks to the wonderful Cammy over at Tippy Toe Diet. A few weeks ago she sent me some coupons to try out the Dole Fruit Gel Cups. I was pleasantly surprised, I really liked them. And it is only 1 point each.DSC02666

Later on before lunch I broke out my favorite crunchy, zero point snack...baby carrots!! Mmmm!! DSC02667

For lunch I had my favorite cold cereal combo, honey nut cheerios with 1/2 sliced banana and skim milk for 5 points.


After work I buzzed over to WW hoping to weigh 160 OR LESS and..............I was 160.2. My WW leader had an awesome idea to change my goal weight to 161 (my weight last week) and so this week was my first week of maintenance. But we celebrated this week! She gave me my award and I stood up in front of everyone and told my “story”! I had to get a picture with my leader too. She is a bubbly fun lady who has definitely been a great help on this journey.  So I have 5 more weeks of maintenance and then I can go for FREE!!! :)DSC02669

I had some left over Creamy Chicken Bake for supper. I am going to count it for 7 points because it was a large piece of chicken with a little extra of the “creaminess”!! Doesn’t look too appetizing the 2nd time around, but it was just as good as yesterday!!DSC02670

I was doing a little cleaning and got an unexpected visit from some friends (she is also my co-worker). What a nice surprise…we might even have a cook out on Friday night!!

DH got home from work and realized that we are only 10 days away from the Dam to Dam 5K run. So we jetted out for a run. We only went about 2 miles. I had just ate that chicken and a few strawberries so that was sitting pretty hard in my stomach. I was glad though that we did something. The way my night was looking there wasn’t a forecast of any sort of workout! So thanks babe!!

Gotta get going. I am hosting ANOTHER shower tomorrow at my house. It’s a baby one this time! Yikes I just remembered I still haven’t got a gift…now I really gotta go!! Good thing Target is open for another 45 minutes!!


POINTS = 16/22
ACTIVITY POINTS EARNED =   3 today/3 week
WATER = 96 oz
EXERCISE = 20 min run, 10 min walk

Make sure to check out Amy’s Pampered Chef giveaway!! I <3 Pampered Chef!!!


syl said...

congrats on getting to goal! I hope to be there one day very soon, can't wait to read about your maintenance experience!
You look fantastic!

Mama Bear June said...

WOOHOO!!! Congrats on reaching goal and the maintenance level.
Path to Health

A Daunting Tale of Scale Warfare said...

Yay goal! I think it's good to set a goal once your body decides where it wants to hang out at :) Youre two lbs below my current goal (umm the top of the range for me hehe, I cant imagine being below 163 EVER.) What an amazing job!

Chicken bake still looks yummy

Kelly said...

OMG, Darci! I am so happy for you! Woohoo! *high five* doing the happy dance for you. You deserve it chick. You've done fantastic. And you look great too. :)

Little Miss Fatty Pants said...

Congratulations on meeting you goal!!

spunkysuzi said...

HUGE congratulations :) Wow, you've done it!!

Dancing Sweet Pea said...

CONGRATS!!!!!!!!! That is awesome Darci! You are amazing and such an inspiration to me!

Anonymous said...

That chicken looks delicious. I love a good creamy sauce, lol!! And congrats on making your goal!!! That is fabulous!! Keep it up girl!

Mama Bear June said...

OK, I have a "reaching goal" prize for you. If you email me your address, I will send you a copy of the Skinny Songs CD! JournalingYourHistory@yahoo.com

Actually, one of my first winners was in Sweden, so I had my son pick another number and it was YOURS!
Path to Health

Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

OMG, THAT IS AWESOME!!!! I am so happy for you that you are at GOAL!!! What a great feeling that must be! Soooo exciting!

Sarah said...

CONGRATS!! That is awesome and you totally deserve it!!

Mary @ A Merry Life said...

Congrats on meeting your goal. That is awesome. :) Hope you have a great holiday weekend!

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