Sunday, May 3, 2009

Day 179 (Saturday 5/2)

DH didn’t have to be to work this morning until 11am so we slept in…well if you call sleeping till 8, sleeping in! And I would say that is considering we usually are up before 6am!!

Since it is the start of the month I took my measurements this morning. I didn’t take  them at the beginning of April…well not sure why, I was kind of a slacker at the beginning of the month. But that me is GONE!!! So in two months I lost another 6 1/2 inches in 10 different places! And a total of 35 1/2 inches in the 6 months I’ve been on this journey!! My biggest loss to date is from my butt/hips, 6 1/4 inches! No wonder none of my pants fit anymore! ;)

For breakfast I made banana pancakes (regular for DH!) with chocolate PB2 and sf syrup for 6 points. I think I made the batter thinner this time because it made a lot more pancakes than last time! I just love these!! :)DSC02414

Can you believe this? These are some of the flowers that DH got me TWO WEEKS AGO!! They still look amazing!! They’ve brightened our kitchen for two weeks!!DSC02415

DH headed to work and I was ready to hit the road…but no on 4 wheels…just 2! Instead of driving around for my usual Saturday errands, I rode my bike! :) Did you know that May is National Bike Month? I found like online.

Two biggest cycling organizations The League of American Bicyclists and the local Cascade Bicycle Club are major promoters of this national event, which is suppose to "help promote individual health and recreation as well as have positive impacts on the community and environment". Among the goals they are trying to reach are :

- getting more people riding more often, more safely.
-increasing the voice and visibility of the cycling community
-leading the way toward improved facilities and the cycling environment.
-promoting cycling as a transportation alternative.

Well I love to ride my bike. So I rode to bank, returned our rental movie, and went to the bike shop! I wanted to go to the bike shop for many reasons, but the #1 was getting HELMET!! Ever since reading about what happened to Meaghan’s sister and wearing my sister’s while I was in Florida, I was convinced that I needed one! And they fit one to my head right there! It was great. Of course the first thing I wanted to know is if they had a PINK one!! :) And they did!!! Now I wish it was more pink like the youth one that was there…but this is great too! :) In total my actual ride time was about 40 minutes!DSC02419

Got home from my ride and NO desire to sit inside so I wandered out to the shed to see what I could do about all those pesky wild flowers that decided to grow in our yard. Found some weed killer and sprayed the whole yard down…now we just have to wait and see if it worked! I think it was killing Abby that I was outside and she couldn’t be (the chemicals in the weed killer). She was either watching me the whole time or I could her whining! What a mis-treated dog!!! :P

For some reason I got the MAJOR munchies in the afternoon. Took “0” pictures and ate a lot…here’s the list:

  • fiber one bar – 2 points
  • smart food popcorn – 2 points
  • kettle corn – 1 point
  • wasa crsipbread w/salsa – 2 points
  • string cheese – 1 point

DH didn’t have to work too late today so when he got home we hit up the grocery store and then hooked up the trailer and headed over to a friend’s house to pick up their pool table they don’t need anymore. Score!! I think DH was pretty excited about his new toy! We didn’t play yesterday, but I am sure there will be some rousing games coming up! :)

Eating wise went completely downhill after we got the pool table. I wasn’t in the mood to cook and our friends, who we got the pool table from, came over so I did Applebee's Carside To-go and ordered my favorite spinach artichoke dip….oh wait…for some reason they also threw in a couple triple chocolate meltdowns too…huh don’t know how those got in there! ;) So DH and I split one and our friends split one. I am going to estimate 10 points for the dip and 6 points for the chocolate cake based on the nutrition facts I found on the daily plate dot com.

And if that wasn’t enough food for the day I broke out the chocolate ice cream that insisted on getting bought at the grocery store today and had a cup of that with a sliced banana for 7 points! Wow-zer!! Sunday needs to be lite-day!!


POINTS= 37/23

WEEKLEY ALLOWANCE = 20 used/15 remaining

WATER = 72 oz

EXERCISE = 40 min bike ride

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!


Kelly said...

LOVE the helmet and I want that bike too. I don't have a bike. Sad, I know.
Getting some good workouts with your bike lately. That's pretty darn awesome. :)

And the inches lost is just amazing. Wow, girl. You're shrinking away. Way to go!

Lindsay said...

I just recently came across your blog and I love it! Congrats on your weight loss.

Anonymous said...

Score on the pool table!

Cute helmet! Isn't what happened to Meghann's sister scary? Helmets are so important!

Enjoy what's left of the weekend!

A Daunting Tale of Scale Warfare said...

That's it, I'm ordering some PB2. The chocolate looks so yummy!!!

Congrats on all of the inches lost, youre doing amazing :)

Cammy said...

That's a bike worth drooling over! I have a hybrid, and I've enjoyed it so far. You're right, they're pricey, but they'll last a lifetime.

Mae Flowers said...

You are so such an inspiration with how active you are! I need a helmet too, especially after reading the story.

Anonymous said...

That bike ride probably made you hungry! :) lol I love the helmet and I just love it that you like to ride your bike everywhere, that is too cool!! The flowers are gorgeous!

Dancing Sweet Pea said...

Awesome job on riding your bike around instead of driving! What a great idea and so simple too!

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