Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Days 160-161 (Monday 4/13 & Tuesday 4/14)

Evening everyone! I’m sitting here watching the Biggest Loser. The makeover shows are always fun to watch!!

Monday was just a ho hum day. I didn’t get up to work out. Well scratch that…I did get up ‘cause DH had to get up for work and I got up with him and then what did I do…go back to bed! Ggggrrrr!!! And I didn’t do anything yesterday evening either. So I need to get back into my workout routine.

Breakfast was back to my usual oatmeal with blueberries and a banana for 4 points. DSC02260

Late morning I had my favorite combo, strawberries, yogurt, and grape nuts for 3 points. Strawberries were on sale when I got groceries on Saturday and we bought 8 pounds…so you’ll be seeing a BUNCH of them around this week!!! :)DSC02261

Lunch on Monday I was trying to get some almost empty containers cleaned out. I finished up the last hot dog, some melon, and broccoli & cauliflower w/cheese for 4 points. DSC02262

And of course I had to have a desert! I grabbed a ww ice cream sandwich to snack on the way back to work for 2 points. I picked these up at Target on Saturday…they were on clearance…only $2 for a the whole box of them!! Sweet deal!!DSC02263 

After work I stopped at Target to get DH some meds for his sore throat he’s been having. Since he wasn’t feeling well I picked up all his favorites…a frozen pizza, motzerlla sticks, and some ben & jerry’s!! At first he said he was going to make a salad but decided that he was eat the “treats” his nice wifey bought for him! ;)

I made spinach artichoke dip (one of my favorites!!!) and had some wheat thins with it for 6 points total. DSC02264 

And you know this girl couldn’t watch her hubby eat ice cream without having some herself!! lol I bought Ben & Jerry’s FroYo half baked!!! OH….MY….GOODNESS…..this was AMAZING!!! It comes out to 4 points a serving and I of course couldn’t stop at one…I had 2 servings for 8 points. And it was worth EVERY bite!!DSC02265 MONDAY’S STATS

POINTS = 27/23

WATER = 72 oz




Once again I couldn’t get my lead butt outta that nice warm bed! No workout this am….but just wait! DH is working tonight so he got to sleep in and I didn’t want to leave his side! Kelly I think I need to get that alarm clock that you have to chase to shut it off!! lol

I headed off to work and was running quite late so I didn’t have time to make my oatmeal. Around 9am I threw together my morning snack for breakfast…the usual 3 points! :)DSC02267

Throughout the morning I snacked on a few wheat thins for 3 points. Sorry…no picture.

DH still wasn’t feeling any better so I got him a dr. appointment and it worked out good ‘cause I had a dentist appointment too so we went together and I took the afternoon off. So we grabbed a quick lunch and got our appointments outta the way. We had some penne pasta with marinara sauce for 5 points. DSC02268

We had some time to kill after our appointments so we rented “Yes Man” and DH got in some more relaxation time. It was nice to spend some time with my hubbs…I feel so bad for the poor guy, he needs to feel better!

When DH went to work I hit the pavement for a 20 minute run. It felt SO good. The weather here today was AMAZING…over 60 degrees and so sunny!!! Makes me so excited for summer!!!

And after my run I grabbed my ww booklet, water bottle, and hit the pavement again…but for a bike ride….to the ww meeting! There is a trail that goes almost right to my meeting location! It took about 20 minutes or so! Wait…that was only one way…..so I got in a 40 minute bike ride! Felt so good!!

I knew I was going to gain at ww…but it was only .4lbs…I was thinking it was going to be 2 lbs…so I was happy with the .4! I hope to have a big loss next week. I need to get my head back in the game. I can’t keep slacking and slipping like I have been the past 2-3 weeks.

Got home from the meeting and snacked on some cool whipstrawberries and a few wheat thins for 5 points. And I had some time to spare before BL started so I grabbed a rake and worked in the yard for about 30 minutes!! I think I got my exercise in for the day! :)

I’m so curious who is going to go home on the BL….we will find out very soon!!

Later bloggies!!!


POINTS = 16/23 (i will pri snack on some fruit before bed to get in some more points)

WATER =96 oz

EXERCISE = 20 min run, 40 min bike ride, 30 min yard work

PS Thank you so much for all of your sweet comments on my new hair!!! You guys are the BEST!!!


Laura said...

I love spinach dip too!

I'm impressed you went for a jog, and then a bike ride!

Kelly said...

I've got to look for those WW ice cream sandwiches. Those look good! And that Ben and Jerry's, omg. I could hurt myself on that. Why are the tastiest things the worst for you? Seems unfair.

Look at you go with your running and biking! Good for you. No strange freaks following you this time,right? That still bugs me.

Glad your gain was so small. You could have that off by tomorrow with the way you're exercising.

And yeah, that clock might be a good thing. haha

Hope your hubby gets better soon. Poor fella.

Sharon said...

Mmmmmmm, everything looks amazing!

Rebeca @All Vegged Out said...

Mmm spinach dip, the best fro yo ever (!!!) and pasta... proving you can eat anything and still eat healthily and well.. yum!

Mae Flowers said...

Awesome deal on the ice cream sandwiches! Hope your hubby feels better soon!

Cammy said...

Not a bad gain at all! It's probably gone already, considering the great exercise you got in!

Sandy said...

Do you have a recipe for the spinach dip? It looks sooo good, lol.

Now I have to get off my butt and get moving too :)

Dancing Sweet Pea said...

SO funny! You talked about you and the hubby watching the Biggest Loser and a renting a movie too -- we also rented Yes Man! Hahahahahahahaha! Great minds do think a like!
We really liked the movie -- there were so many funny parts! I hope you guys enjoyed it too!

Melissa said...

Yummy berries. You can never had TOO MANY!!! :D

Mama Bear June said...

You are doing a great job with exercise! And the food all looks yummy. The Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches are really yummy, too. Poor hubby, hope he recovers soon!
Path to Health

Managing Life said...

cool pics

Becca said...

hey darci, how much penne pasta did you have here? also, what kind of sauce?

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