Saturday, April 18, 2009

Day 164 (Friday 4/17)

It's officially the weekend everyone...YAH!!!

First of all my camera battery was dead yesterday so I have ZERO food pictures for you guys...but I'll just do a quick list and get on with it!

B: english muffn w/cream cheese 2 points
L: Smart One's Creamy Rigatoni 6 points
S: Club Crackers 3 points
S:Lean Pocket & Chicken breast 10 points
S: Honeynut Cheerioes 4 points

Nothing too exciting!! My day at work was crazy. I was gone most of the morning on tours and then it just flew after that...I couldn't believe I didn't need a snack throughout the day!!

After work DH and I didn't have much planned so he made his usual salad and we vegged out on the couch. Once our supper settled I wanted to go for a run AND convinced DH to join me!! It was so fun and so much easier to run with a buddy rather than by myself. We did about 2 1/2 miles. I was so proud of DH for making it that far. I would have keeled over way before we finished if I was him (hasn't exercised much lately).

Oh and he did tell me that he has now lost 19 lbs!!! I can't believe it...he is doing so good...I need to get back into that losing mode. I've just been mainting since my Florida trip over a month ago....sigh.

So as you can see Friday's foods and happenings weren't too exciting but I had to do my post!

Not much planned for the weekend. DH is working today (Saturday) so I plan to clean, shop, run (hopefully a 5K), and who knows what else...maybe tan...pedicure...get my nails filled!!! Crap...that's a lot I need to get going!!! Hope everyone has a SUPER weekend and I'll see you later tonight for my Saturday post.

WAIT.....I just thought of something exciting about Friday.....DH sent me a beautiful spring boquet of flowers at work with a card that said "You're the best!"!!! I think he's the best. Once my battery charges I will take a pic and get it posted!! I'm really going to head out...lots on the to-do list!! :)


Laura said...

Sounds like a nice weekend of pampering!

spunkysuzi said...

Awww very sweet :)

Sharon said...

Oh wow, he is doing awesome! And so are you!

Melissa said...

Way to go both of you!! And remember maintaining is all part of the battle!! With warmer weather I'm sure you'll see the scales moving again! : )

Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

Aw, you and hubby are so cute:)

Hope you have a great weekend!

simplyfabulousnow said...

I love that you got flowers too. yay!

Hope you had a nice weekend!
By the way, I thought you might like this article because of your recent post on healthy weights.... I'm going to post it on my blog today too but I thought i'd post it here for you too..


Dancing Sweet Pea said...

The flowers sound awesome! What a great hubby! Good job on the run too! That's so great!!!

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