Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Day 147 (Tuesday 3/31)

Happy last day of March everyone!!

I hit the gym first this morning and got in 36 minutes on the cross ramp while reading my recent book, “Marley & Me”. It’s a fun read. I want to get it finished soon so DH & I can go rent the movie. You know I think I forgot to tell you guys….I read three books over spring break and started this one! So relaxing!

Breakfast this morning was oatmeal with blueberries and a sliced apple for 3 points. I forgot to mention my sister told me that frozen blueberries were cheaper than fresh and the warm oatmeal “defrosts” them right away! They don’t have near the “tartness” that fresh ones do…but still pretty good! DSC02204 

I wanted to keep lunch light today. Even though it was light “points wise” it was quite filling. I had 1 sliced cucumber w/ff ranch, 1 kiwi, and 1 c cantaloupe for 3 points. DSC02205

So if you read my Monday post…you know that I was all nervous about my weigh in. I hate that I let it get to me so much. Like Cammy commented “it is what it is”. I want to try to work on this and not let myself stress over it so much. Well I took off work a couple hours early to get in another work out. So I hit the gym and got in a 30 minute run/walk, 35 minutes on the bike, 15 minute cool down walk @ an incline, and 10 minutes of abs. I felt SO good when I left the gym and not worried about the wi at all.

So headed over to WW, jumped on the scale, and it said 162.4. Obviously a gain from what the WW scale said last week in FL (2lbs). I talked to my leader about it and she pointed out that the wi that I went to in FL was right away in the morning, I didn’t eat anything before it and I got in a 45 min run/walk in beforehand. It is less than my wi two weeks ago and also taking into account TOM should be here tomorrow and I had a few splurges since I’ve been home. So in Cammy’s words…it is what it is and I am ready to face the week ahead! Thanks Cammy!

Got home and I was HUNGRY! Only 6 points and all that working out I needed some FUEL! I grabbed a fiber one bar for 2 points while getting my supper ready. 


I turned the oven on the minute I walked in the door. It is SUPER cold out here in IA today…and it’s sleeting out. :( So I had some warm comfort carbs for supper! I made a ham & pineapple english muffin pizzas and sweet potato fries for 9 points. Wow did this FILL me up!DSC02207

Now I watching BL…I can’t believe Nicole gained 5lbs!! Wow…will be interesting to see who goes home!! Hope everyone has a great rest of their night…or should I say March! :)



WATER = 82oz

EXERCISE = 36 min cross ramp, 30 min run/walk, 35 min bike, 15 min walk @ incline, 10 min abs


Laura said...

Can you believe she gained 5 lbs? I'm watching the show now too!

Your sweet potatoes look great! I love those things!

Sharon said...

How are those fiber one bars? My mom loves granola bars, and I was thinking of getting her some random ones that she might like. Are they tasty?

Kelly said...

Do NOT freak out about the weigh in. Weight fluctuates even when you get to goal. It's just the way things work. Your body is not static. You look fantastic! Forget the scale....look at your legs!

I'm still freaking out about your weird encounter yesterday. I hope you are extra careful out there. There was an abduction in nearby Pearland. The woman was going out to her car after work and someone forced her into it. She was found decomosing in the back of a truck trailer. You can't be too careful out there. Maybe jog with a partner or something?

I have got to make those sweet potato fries. I bought some sweet potatoes to try it. Any recipes or tips?

Cammy said...

Why, you're welcome! Not a bad weigh-in, and you're certainly back on track, points-wise.

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