Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Day 132 (Monday 3/16)

I’m so close to Florida I can almost feel it! And this nice weather we are having here in Iowa is a great preview of what I hope to experience the week I am in Florida! Look at what my car temp said around 5pm yesterday:


Yep 71 degrees!! It was a great!

I hit the gym before work for a 32 minute run. While I was running I was wondering how in the world I am going to make it outside in the Florida heat! We’ll see how it goes! I hope to get in some form of exercise each day when I’m gone!

Spring break has already started for students on campus so it was really quite at work today…which was nice!

For breakfast I had oatmeal with blueberries and a sliced apple for 3 points. Looks like I waited too long to eat/photograph my apple…it was starting to turn brown! But don’t worry I ate it anyway! :)


Late morning I had a WW yogurt with 1/4 grape nuts for 2 points. DSC02079

Lunch today was great! On Friday I bought “Flat Out” wraps because they are over $2 cheaper than the wraps I was buying before and you get 2 more in the package. So I was excited to try it out today and they are very good. So I had a ham turkey & cheese wrap, 1/2 c cottage cheese, and a sliced banana for 7 points. DSC02081

Kelly had asked what kind of tortillas I used so I had to take a picture of the package because to be honest I had no idea! They are the whole wheat Lo Tortilla Factory tortillas. They come out to only one point. But I think I am officially converted to flat outs now that I found them…more bang for your buck!DSC02080

After work I rushed over to my favorite nail place to get a fill and a pedicure. It always feels so good to get pampered!! I love all the stuff to they do your feet to make them feel so nice and soft! I’ve been addicted to pedicures since I got my first one for my wedding almost 4 years ago! :)

When I got home I was starving and supper wasn’t going to be ready for over a half an hour. So I tried one of the protein bars I purchased last week. It was just ok. If they go on sale I might try them again. But nothing to toot my horn about! This one was 3 points. DSC02084

Supper tonight was an easy favorite. Creamy ham & potato bake for 5 points. You can click on the link if you would like the recipe. It is really easy and very yummy! And you get a lot for only 4 points!DSC02085

Kari had a question for me that I keep forgetting to answer:

“Just out of curiosity because I look at your food pics every day and I just started wondering....do you and the husband eat dinners together? Does he eat what you eat?”

There really isn’t a simple answer for this question. It really varies for us. My husband runs a fast food restaurant so his hours are quite odd. So if he isn’t going to be home for supper I usually just make something quick for myself. But if he is home we usually eat together. But he doesn’t always eat what I eat. He isn’t a big fan of wraps, broccoli, cauliflower….so I will make some other kind of variation for him. I know this is a challenge for a lot of people…trying to cook healthy and something everyone likes. Especially if you have kids. That is why I like to find recipes like I made tonight that we both like and is ww friendly. Hope that answers your question Kari!

For desert tonight I grabbed my new favorite ice cream treat, a skinny cow strawberry shortcake ice cream sandwich for 2 points. Mmmm!!DSC02087

Well everyone I am down to just one day of work left…1/2 of today (Tuesday) & 1/2 of tomorrow! And then I’m on my way to sunny Florida! Can’t wait to have the fab 4 sisters reunited and see my Grandpa. Oh and I probably won’t be able to blog while I’m gone. My Grandpa doesn’t have an internet connection. So I will have just one more post.


POINTS = 22/23

WATER = 116 oz

EXERCISE = 32 min run


Wendi said...

i can't believe how warm its been back home! its only 73 here right now how crazy is that!? hopefully it will warm up for when u get here tho.
im jealous of ur pampering! i need a pedicure like u wouldn't believe...maybe a certain someone will slip me some cash this weekend and i can finally get one;) haha can't wait to see u!!!

Mae Flowers said...

I'm loving the warm weather too! Let's hope mother nature doesn't tease us any more into thinking it's spring and then it gets freezing cold again! I'm so jealous that you get to go to Florida! Enjoy it!

Kelly said...

I'm a flatout convert too. You just get so much more! I do have some Tortilla Factory tortillas left.
I'll have to try those Strawberry Shortcake Skinny Cows. That looks good.

And our family LOVES that casserole! I need to put that on th menu for next week. Thanks for posting that recipe. :)

Hope you have a fantastic time in Florida! Your blogger friends will miss you.

Dancing Sweet Pea said...

Have a super time on your trip!!!! You deserve it!

Anonymous said...

Steve & I are the same way... we usually eat the same things for dinner but his will vary from mine. For example when we make chili, he likes his served on a bed of rice. I prefer it on it's own with some toast.

It's all about the compromise!


Melissa said...

I'm so excited for you getting to go to FL. Enjoy that warm weather for me!! I know your going to have an awesome time!!

Cammy said...

Wishing you a FANTASTIC vacation!

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