Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Day 127 (Wednesday 3/11)

Good evening blog world! The week is over half over and next week at this time I will be on a plane on my way to sunny Florida!

This morning I had to get to work early to get a few extra things done. I didn’t want to miss my workout so I set my alarm for 5:15am and got up! It was hard to get up, but SO worth it in the end! I got in a 30 minute run and 15 minutes of leg weights and made it to work by 7:15am!

Breakfast was the same as every other day! Oatmeal with 1/4c blueberries and a sliced apple for 3 points. DSC02029

I had my morning snack much later than normal today. I guess the morning just got away from me! I mixed up my favorite combo sliced strawberries, ww vanilla yogurt, and 1/4c grape nuts for 3 points. Didn’t get a picture before I mixed it though so you get to see my mush of a snack!DSC02030

I spent my lunch break chatting my sis from Georgia talking about our up coming trip to Florida. I’m getting so excited for this trip. To be with all my sisters in sunny Florida for a week!! Ok…back to lunch! I made some cooked broccoli with ff cheese and a ham turkey & cheese wrap for 4 points. DSC02031

I’ve been doing some research lately about protein and I think I want to increase my intake. I am going to try to do this by being aware of protein rich foods and also some protein bars & shakes. I stopped at GNC after work today. I had a coupon for “Designer Whey” thanks to Laura – she told me a little about the protein shakes she takes and their websites, so I checked them out and found a $2 off coupon! Thanks for the info Laura…greatly appreciated! I picked up some chocolate designer whey, a blender bottle (pink of course!), a clif bar, and a muscle milk light bar. I think the extra protein is going to help me with my weight training and also the weight loss portion of it too. I still want to do more research, so if any of you have any good advice definitely let me know! Of course I had to try out my protein shake when I got home. It comes out to only 2 points per serving. I am anxious to try the bars now! But those are for another day.DSC02032

Supper tonight was “protein packed”! I had a total of 3 hard boiled egg whites, sweet potato fries, 1/2c low fat cottage cheese, and a chicken salad wrap(which I only ate half of ‘cause I was SO full!) for a total of 10 points. I mixed a few of the egg whites in with the chicken salad wrap. It was just ok, but a nice way to “disguise” them! I thought I really liked boiled eggs, but I thought wrong. They are just ok. So this was a high point supper, but VERY filling. I am sure I won’t need anything else to eat tonight….I’m more than satisfied. DSC02033

I guess we will see how this protein thing goes. I am hoping it helps!

Well I am off to chill on the couch with DH and watch CSI NY. DH hasn’t been feeling well lately so he needs some tender lovin’ care! And I hope I don’t get that icky cold stuff that’s going around…need to be in tip top shape for my trip next week!



WATER = 130 oz

EXERCISE = 30 min run, 15 min leg weights


spunkysuzi said...

Florida?? I'm sooo jealous :)
I'm sure you'll have a blast there! Nice eating day.

Sharon said...

Oh my gosh, that is awesome!!!!! And love your eats today!!

Laura said...

I hope you liked the protein powder!

Yay for Florida! All the cool kids are headed there next week. ;)

Melissa said...

FL with sisters sounds awesome!!

Good luck with the protein powder, it makes me gag(ok, I'm exaggerating a little...)!

I love hard boiled eggs!! :)

Kelly said...

You're going to have so much fun in Florida. And I'm sure you'll take a pic of everything you eat? ;-)

Protein really seems to make a difference in keeping you full. When I eat a protein packed breakfast I don't get hungry at all until lunch.

Anonymous said...

Why don't u stop and pick me up on your way to florida, lol! I only live 4 hours away so u could just swing by and get me, lol!
Protein is a must! I figured that out a few weeks ago and have been keeping up with it since. It helps u to feel fuller longer! Peanut butter is full of protein. And u can buy protein bars at any store! Special K makes alot of proteing items also!

Kari said...

Just be careful with the protein powders and the bars. They can be loaded with sugars, etc. But adding more protein in your diet would be great.

Some ways that I'm trying to add in protein:
canned tuna & salmon (packed in water)
ff or low fat cottage cheese

I also have whey protein powder that is 100% natural. No added flavor, sugar, etc. I blend one scoop with 1/2 banana, 1/2 cup water, and a cup of frozen berries. I recently bought spinach to add to it because spinach is suppose to be good for my thyroid which in turn is good for your metabolism!!!

Maybe you could try adding some scrambled egg whites with your oatmeal in the morning to get in some protein earlier in the day as well?


add a little natural peanut butter or almond butter with your apple in the mornings.

Anonymous said...

Florida!! You are so lucky!!


prettyface said...

Yay for protein!!!! I lost 15 pounds a few months ago (has since been slow moving. ugh) but protein REALLY helped me with my muscle tone and my weight loss. Let me know how it goes.

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