Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Day 119 (Monday 3/2)

Hope everyone had a great Monday!!

Today started out quite slow. Once again I battled with myself to get outta bad and the bed won. So no morning work out for me.

I ate breakfast in front of the tv...cold cereal again! I love honey nut cheerios and for some reason between last night and this morning I couldn't get enough of 'em! I counted 6 points for the serving that I had for breakfast.

It was hard to go to work this morning. I wanted it to be Sunday again and be lazy with DH, unfortunately that wasn't the case. It was a pretty good day at work though, so that's good.

Mid morning I ate the usual ww yogurt with 1/4c grape nuts for 2 points.

Lunch was a repeat of Friday. Couldn't let the taco meat go bad! :p So I had two tacos for 9 points. I am hoping those two "heavy" tacos don't hurt my wi tomorrow. I'm nervous after Sunday's eats.

Once again those tacos kept me full so I didn't have an afternoon snack. Well wait, I did have a can of diet sunkist for 0 points! Mmmm it's my favorite!

After work I headed home to start working on a wedding invitation order and supper. I was really wishy-washy on what I wanted. I thought I wanted a bacon chicken ranch wrap, but nope. I made one for DH anyway...so I had some sweet potato fries with a side of ketchup for 5 points. I also had a few bites of DH's plain baked potato for let's say...2 points.

While watching the Bachelor I had a few pretzels for 1 point and a ww fudge bar for 1 point. Carbs & salt....not a good combo the day before a wi.

Ok...so did you guys watch the Bachelor??? I couldn't believe it. I was, at first, so happy that he picked Melissa and then come to find out he's dumping her and wants Molly back. Dude, you need to make up your mind!! Uuuugggghhh...I think I say it at the end of every season...I'm not going to get hooked next time!

Anyway...sorry for the short boring post, need to get cracking on a few things here at work and wi's tonight...I'm so nervous....keep the fingers crossed for NO GAIN!


WATER = 130 oz


Kelly said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for the wi. Mine is tomorrow too and I am dreading it. I'm going to wear the lightest clothes I possible can. :)

I watched the Bachelor before and it just ticked me off. It's easy to get hooked on it though.

Hey, try some of that Kashi Honey Sunshine cereal. It's sooo good and low points.

Cammy said...

Ah, cereal is a sortof danger food for me, too. I do best when I eat it just before I leave the house. :)

HEre's hoping for a good weigh in.

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