Friday, February 27, 2009

Day 115 (Thursday 2/26)

I want to start out by saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! She is down in sunny, warm South Padre Island so we can't celebrate together, but I hope you had a super birthday Mom!

In other news, Thursday was a not so hot day for me. I woke up, got ready for work, didn't work out, stopped at Wal-Mart before work to get oatmeal, and hit the office.

I made my oatmeal and an apple for breakfast. Felt fine. Around 10am I was feeling hungry so I grabbed a fiber one bar. Felt fine. Then 11:20-11:30ish hits and my stomach HURT ssssooo bad!! I toughed it out for about 30 minutes and couldn't take it anymore and went home for the day. This is nuts...I think I have had my share of the flu this season! I slept & threw up all afternoon and feel asleep for the night before 9pm!

I am happy to report tho that it's Friday morning and I'm feeling much better! So I am hoping it sticks.

Happy Friday bloggies!!


Sharon said...

Happy Birthday to your mom!!!

Dancing Sweet Pea said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better! Happy birthday to your mom!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Friday!
Can I just say that I LOVE the photos of you on the side of your blog. It shows your great progress!! Your wedding dress is beautiful! I love it!


Sandy said...

Glad you are feeling better, hope this weekend is a good one.

Laura said...

Happy Birthday to your mom!

I hope you're all better for the weekend!

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday to your mom! I'm in Texas too. Near Houston. :)

Love your blog. I check it almost daily.

Cammy said...

Ouch! Hope you're on the mend for good!

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