Thursday, January 22, 2009

Day 80 (Thursday 1/22)

BREAKFAST: Oatmeal & an English Muffin w/Cream Cheese. 4 points

MORNING SNACK: Fiber One Bar. 2 points

LUNCH: Progresso Beef Pot Roast Soup & a WW Fudge Bar. 4 pointsAFTERNOON SNACK: Yogurt w/Grape Nuts& an Apple. 3 points
SUPPER: Burrito w/Sour Cream. 8 points

WATER = 136 oz water
EXERCISE = 25 min run/walk & 10 mins abs

Good news & bad news today....I couldn't get my rear end out of bed this morning. It was so nice & warm & cozy! Plus DH had the day off today and so I wanted to stay next to him for another hour and a half and that is just what I did. But I think I was punished for not getting up and going to the gym because of that extra 1.5 hours that I was in bed I pri only slept about 20 mins :( Silly me!
The good news is that I did get a run in today! I knew since I didn't work out on Monday or Tuesday since I was sick and didn't yesterday I HAD to today. And what a perfect day to choose to workout after work. It was 30+ degrees today and was still light outside when I got home from work after 5pm. I got all bundled up, DH got my lil puppy ready, and we were out the door. This was my first outdoor, winter run and boy do I have respect for runners who always run outside in the winter time!! It was def tough! The cold in your lungs & the snow & ice beneath your feet! But we did it and I think my lil puppy was very grateful too! I didn't know how her little paws would handle the cold that long, but she seemed find and I think she could've went longer!
I weighed in this morning and it was the same as Sunday's weight so I was happy to see that. I really didn't know how being sick would affect me. I am hoping to lose another lb or two by weigh in on Tuesday....gotta stay on track!!

Good nite fellow bloggies!! Tomorrow's Friday...can't wait for the weekend!! (as always!) ;)

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