Monday, January 19, 2009

Day 77 (Sunday 1/18)

BRUNCH: Ham, Egg, & Cheese English Muffin & 2 Oranges. 6 points AFTERNOON SNACK: Cool Whip, Kettle Corn, & String Cheese. 5 points SUPPER: Bacon, Chicken, Ranch Wrap & Cauliflower and Broccoli w/Cheese. 8 points EVENING SNACK: WW Fudge Bar. 1 point

WATER = 192 oz
EXERCISE = 65 min cross ramp, 40 min bike

I was nervous to weigh in this morning, but I had to see what kind of damage that ice cream did yesterday! And to my surprise it was only up 1/2 pound. So I am just going to work hard and lose that stinkin' 1/2 pound again! My goal was to be the first one at the gym, but I didn't quite make it (short my 15 minutes). They are only open for two hours on Sunday mornings and I knew I needed those full two hours to get in a nice, long, hard workout. But at the end I could definitely feel that I got in a good workout so I was happy!

Not too much going on today. DH & I cleaned the house, got our laundry done, and did some organizing when I got home from my workout. It always feels good to start the week with a clean house and the laundry done!

Tonight we had the Christmas party for DH's employees at a local bowling alley. To be honest I was not really looking forward to it. They had pizza....but I thought of it like Angie did on Friday. Dirty, greasy, stinky, rotten pizza! And who would want to eat that at 8:30-9:00 at night?!?!? Not me! I made myself a healthy, filling supper before we went and had no desire to have any of that stinky pizza!


Heather said...

I have recently stumbled upon your blog and am from Iowa (DSM area) too! I love your food photos & am wondering how you make (what ingredients/do you bake, fry or toast?) the breakfast sandwich. It looks really yummy & I never know what to eat for breakfast!

Thanks so much!! Keep up the good work!!

Kyle and Darci said...

Heather -

Sorry for the delayed response!

How fun that you're from IA too!!

For the breakfast sandwich:
I use three eggs whites. And then usually I use lean turkey ham or just plain deli sliced ham and warm that up on the stove after the eggs are done and put it all together with a slice of ff cheese on a toasted english muffin.

It's one of my favorites and very filling!

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