Sunday, January 11, 2009

Day 70 (Sunday 1/11)

LUNCH: 1/2 c Chili. 5 points.

SUPPER: Cauliflower w/Cheese. 1 pointEVENING SNACK: Apple. 1 point

WATER = 84
EXERCISE = 30 min run/walk & 25 min weights & abs

Today was an odd day for a Sunday. I had to work this afternoon so I wanted to get my workout done in the morning. So I got up and did my 3 mile run that I was supposed to do yesterday. It went ok, my back muscles were sore from scooping snow yesterday so I think that slowed me down, but overall I was pretty happy with how I did.

My sister-in-law was headed back to school today so DH & I went out with his family for dinner. I knew I wanted to keep it light because of what I ate for supper last night. I ordered chili and did NOT like it at all. So I didn't eat much of it. Other people at the table offered me their food 'cause they felt bad since I didn't like my meal, but I had no problem saying no to their unhealthy choices. Then in the afternoon I had to work for a few hours.

Afterward DH & I got groceries and headed home, but this time it was already 6 and I was so shocked that I was just completely starving! So I decided to make really smart choices and had a veggie and a fruit. And I was completely satisfied. This has never happened to me before where I've eaten that little in a day, I just really wonder if it's cause of the way I ate yesterday. Don't worry though I'm not starving myself! Will be back to normal tomorrow!

Enjoy what's left of your weekend blogger friends!
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